1. A

    Friends and seizures

    Hi, I have 2 types of seizures, grand-max and absence seizures. I am in college and I keep having absence seizures and though my grand-man seizures have reduced dramatically I had multiple absence seizures in front of my crush and he thinks I am weird and we have not spoken. I feel that this is...
  2. N

    are these signs of epilepsy?? please help!

    hello, my name is Natasha, i am 23 years old from UK. its a bit of a long story and really don't know where to begin, but i hope someone can help. it all started when i was 12 i was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, came out of no where but was under control in no time, a few months or so after...
  3. C

    New to seizures, epilepsy, and this website

    Hello, I'm completely new to all of this and very grateful to have somewhere, and someone, to talk to. My name's Cait, I'm 24 and had my first seizure in October. I was very stressed, sick with some unknown virus (still don't know what it was, I was told samples were sent to the CDC), and just...
  4. J

    Brand new here, very scared

    I'm not sure if I should be posting here, as I do not yet have a diagnosis of epilepsy. Excuse me if I am out of line... I have had two episodes within the last three days where I lost consciousness, convulsed for about 30 seconds, and lost bladder control. I don't remember these things- there...
  5. holly

    Just to say hiiiii :) newbie here

    First of all I just wanted to say hi to everyone who is and has gone through the fear of the unknown and commend you all in your outreach to others such as myself Thank you. sorry in advance for the lengthy first post but I truly am lost and im scared :( and im also sorry if im in the wrong...
  6. F

    Hello , i'm new here :)

    Hello ! I'm new here , and to epilepsy too actually , because i have only little experience with this... My boyfriend has already 4 grand-mal seizures (this week was the last) in a 4-5 year period , he'v got his first one with age 28 . 3 of them were night seizures (in sleep) . I have been...
  7. L

    Feeling all alone.

    hey guys I m new to a traumatic brain injury I just got out of the hospital again they added keppra to all my other medications. now I'm taking 2000 of keppra 400 dilantin and 200 lamictal. is this a lot for seizure medication? I feel really sleepy and lonely I'm scared can someone please help me?
  8. brydy23

    Scared after a nocturnal seizure

    Hi, I just had multiple nocturnal seizures last night right before I woke up, which I would categorize as tonic, because my muscles twitched and I felt like I couldn't breathe for a second. Now I have a slight headache this morning. I'm going to attribute it to my having 4 hours of sleep the...
  9. K

    Nervous and Scared

    Hello.. I am writing to you all today because I am very nervous about something. It may seem funny, or stupid, or crazy, I don't know. But I feel like I can't ever find an answer that will ease my mind. I am a a healthy Canadian 19 year-old female, in a competitive University program, with a...
  10. M

    A Scared Mom

    Hello Everyone!! My oldest daughter (13 years) was diagnosed with epilepsy back in July of 2008. We had no idea that our lives were about to change so dramatically that day. It had been a great summer day. We had been enjoying time together as a family and were in the process of making some...
  11. shelby126s

    18 and stuck with what to do?

    Hi, To make a long story short, I have been dealing with the fear of having another seizure for quite some time now. I had many seizures when I was younger but was seizure free for many years. I moved away from home at 18under bad conditions and no longer talk to my real parents. The lady I live...
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