sodium valproate

  1. F

    Hi, I'm new here :)

    Hey everyone, I've just discovered this forum and what a wealth of knowledge.. I wish I had found it 10 months ago after my first seizure. I had my first seizure in June'17, at about 20 weeks pregnant with my son (first child) - looking back I think it was a partial seizure or two to begin...
  2. N

    Enquiry from an Australian TV program about sodium valproate and birth defects

    An Australian public affairs TV program is currently looking at the issue of sodium valproate and birth defect risks. We're really hoping to speak to people in Australia who believe their children have been affected by this drug - and also pregnant women who are currently taking it. We'd also...
  3. T

    Did I give my child Fetal Valproate Syndrome

    Well I was on Sodium Valproate (Epilim/Depakene - not Depakote) during all three of my pregnancies. My first two I think I was on a 800mg dosage. My eldest daughter who is now in year 5 has experienced learning dificulties although she has not struggled enough to be diagnosed as having an...
  4. R

    Pregnancy Help

    I have seizure disorder, CPS, Epilepsy whatever term is suitable. I had my first at 17 and had an MRI and the results were inconclusive and the same again at 18. Then I began having severe migraines around 21 when I met my husband. For five years I went from doctor to doctor, in addition to...
  5. V

    epilim and major lack of sleep

    hello all a few weeks ago my neuro took me off carbamazipine so i was un medicated for about two weeks. the first week i was off meds was fine but the second week was bad i have not sleep for more than 2 hours each night for the last 5 nights. yesterday i started epilim and wantedto no what...
  6. marshlakemom

    My insides are burning from the divalproex

    What can I do to help with the stomach problems/heart burn from the divalproex? I'm taking it with food, I've cut back on my dosage. I'm trying an antacid with it. If this burning keeps up, I won't be able to stay on it, I just don't get any sleep. And have I noticed my appetite picking up...
  7. P

    need advice on depakote

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- hello all...i am new to board but need some advice from those in the know. my six year old has been on zarontin for absence seizures since she was three. My sis had epilepsy when we we young so I knew what to see...
  8. residualvisuals


    Guess I should do a quick intro. I'm 22 years old, was diagnosed with epilepsy at 13 shortly after my first seizure and EEG. Was prescribed Tegretol, that made things worse, and went to a new neuro. He gave me a second opinion on the EEG and told me that I actually had juvenile myoclonic...
  9. R

    Something old needs something new

    When beginning work with my current neurologist (#7) I was able to make it clear that I needed to get off Dilantin, Lamictal and Keppra. They were making me much poorer and sicker with their side effects. So now I am on Depakote only. On my latest conversation with said neurologist I learned...
  10. Birdbomb

    Epilepsy Drug Linked to Low IQ Epilepsy Drug Linked to Low IQ Children Whose Moms Took Valproate During Pregnancy More Likely to Have Lower IQs By Charlene Laino WebMD Medical News Reviewed By Louise Chang, MD May 3, 2007 (Boston) -- Women of childbearing...
  11. Bernard

    UK class action lawsuit over Sodium Valproate birth defects

    Sodium valproate is the chemical name for Epilim/Depakote: Action over epilepsy drug 'could rival thalidomide'