1. StrongerThanEpilepsy

    Update after V-EEG, so done with doctors.

    So I know I posted a few months ago about how I was upset because it seems that doctors were tossing my diagnosis around and I got responses from multiple people so I thought it would be rude to not update. I had a five day video eeg without any events. I was exercised on the bike three times a...
  2. StrongerThanEpilepsy

    Removing EEG glue from thick hair?

    After an annoying five day V-EEG, I have so much glue stuck in my hair. The problem is that my hair is extremely thick and it won't come out. It took ten washes with a 24 hour EEG. These "Oh just let conditioner or oil sit in your hair for 30 minutes" does not work! I even let conditioner sit in...
  3. StrongerThanEpilepsy

    EMU: What do I need to know?

    So I sucked it up and scheduled a v-eeg yesterday. I was surprised that I was able to get in at the last Monday of the month. I could have gotten in a week earlier but I couldn't because of something else. I'm not mentally ready for this test already. :paperbag: So for those that have had a...
  4. B

    Lack of balance/ tinnitus and seizures

    In the near future I am going to have a VEEG to establish whether my tendency to fall is linked to seizure activity. Other issues on the table are tinnitus and extreme sensitivity to noise. There is a possibility that these are manifestations of seizures. If anyone has experience with seizures...
  5. Matthew74

    EMU at the Mayo in Rochester

    The Room: I was scheduled to go in at 7:45 AM at the Mary Brigh building on St. Mary's campus. You check in at the desk and someone will come and get you. The room was very comfortable. There were two large chair/sleepers for visitors, a nice TV, a bathroom, and a separate sink area. There...
  6. Matthew74

    Suggestion for VEEG, EMU?

    Since a couple of you are, or were, in monitoring, do you have any suggestions or insights for making it comfortable? (Beyond the most obvious stuff.) I'm going in next week.
  7. Lovespurple

    Questions About Video EEGs (or VEEGs)

    Hi everyone, I hope that you are all having a good day. :hugs: I have recently read some threads regarding members' experiences of video EEGs. I cannot remember how many EEGs I have had, but I know it's between 2 and 5. The idea of having a video EEG sounds good because I might have a better...
  8. C

    Video EEG Day 6 and No Seizures

    I am currently undergoing a Video EEG at UCLA. While the staff is nice, nurses helpful, and my Dr - a genius - I still feel defeated... Today is the 6th Day. I came in Monday April 1, my Dr. Took me down to 450 mg the first and second day (from 1200 mg). Wednesday at night they took me off...
  9. U


    Diary of Seizures OVERVIEW: Below the history of my seizures, to the best of my recollection, is listed in chronological order below. •At about 4-6 yrs of age the right side of my head struck a wall. It is not known if I had a concussion or lost conscious. •Various time from childhood to...
  10. thornton8000

    Sooooooo starting all over

    Hey my friends, Starting seeing a new neuro in june and he has been running alot of tests, (all still coming back normal) and even though the last neuro I saw said "seizures and PNES" my new one said since my 12 hour VEEG, came back clear i more than likely have only PNES, and he stated that...
  11. thornton8000

    ok new update finally cracked lol

    Hey gang! So I am seeing a MS neuro, as many of you know i cannot due a 5 day or more veeg and i told the epi doc that it is out of the question as i dont have daycare. So after losing my neuro that i was seeing i had to find a new that wll hopefully try and help me figure out what is truly...
  12. thornton8000

    Got a call about VEEG

    So I got a call about having a VEEG to be done, they didnt say anything to stop my meds they want to do a 3 hour VEEG I'm going to call them back on Monday the 4th the day before my 32nd birthday, I have my new neuro for a 2nd opinion set up on the 21st of june so I'm thinking I should wait...
  13. M


    OKAY I have my battle plan.I go in next Tuesday-again to Clev clinic for another veeg but this time I am prepared.No wasting time lounging around,wasting money on sitters when I need to be home.Doc says they cant make me have a seizure,so Im going to do what I can!! Im staying up the night...
  14. Lisa


    My VEEG is scheduled for sept 17th. They called me the same day I saw my neuro. I know this sounds terrible, but I hope they see what I have been going through the last couple months. My last veeg was during a 7 month seizure free period, and didnt show a thing. The neuro I was seeing then...
  15. brain

    VEEG - How many have you had? (Video Electroencephalogram)

    VEEG - How many have you had? (Video Electroencephalogram) You may post any comments that you wish.
  16. brain

    VEEG - How long was your stay? (Video Electroencephalogram)

    Video Electroencephalogram - vEEG, How long was the average length of your stay? You may make any comments you wish.
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