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Hey gang!

So I am seeing a MS neuro, as many of you know i cannot due a 5 day or more veeg and i told the epi doc that it is out of the question as i dont have daycare.

So after losing my neuro that i was seeing i had to find a new that wll hopefully try and help me figure out what is truly going on with me on top of have a seizure disorder.

The new MS neuro has ordered a 24 hour VEEG, and after that I am doing a VEP test for my eyes, since i have had random color blindness black floaters, and specks of light (tiny ones) that flicker at random times, i have blurry vision for the good part of the day and double vision off and on somedays.
My seizures are all nocturnal have never had (since starting keppra) a daytime seizure. and no neuro has yet to tell me stop driving, and i never drive without another person with me anyway.

Last time i drove at night the road seemed to come in and out at me was blurred and was fading on me lke it was dissapearing but never fully did.

So I promised to keep everyone updated with whats going on!
I finally gave in since its only 1day for a VEEG but am going to find out if they want me to taper meds a few days before to see if we can get any thing to show up on the VEEG since all other EEG's and AEEG's have been clear.

Thanks all hope everyone has been well.

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