Another Complex Partial?

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Yesterday I took a shower 🚿 as usual, & the next thing I knew, I was completely dressed. The liner curtain in our bathtub was ripped out. I also felt a sore spot on the back of my left shoulder blade and on top of that side my head. I felt fine, and it was around 6:30am, so it had been less than 12 hours since I took meds. I often wish I would have some type of aura before complex partials.
Sorry to hear about your seizure, hope you’re feeling better today,
I used to have similar seizures in shower pre surgery , would be in the shower then next thing I knew I would either be out of the shower dripping wet or in my bedroom about to get dressed. Once I had a seizure in the shower and when I came to I was in my room but left the shower running but had pulled the shower curtain across. I think I was still post seizure as I went into the bathroom and the shower was running and I thought someone was using it so I went out. I live alone so it took me a few minutes to realise what happened before I pulled the curtain across and turned the taps off.
I mentioned it to my husband in the evening, & he said that recently I have had many while in or right after taking a shower. When a similar thing occurred last spring, my older son suggested that I begin showering at night, when others are home. I don't know how that would change things.
Maybe you are triggered by changes in skin temperature? Or the time of day?
Hi Sabbo,

I'm sorry to hear that you had a seizure, just like you I would often have seizures while I was taking a shower and after telling my Dr. about it he told me that hot water can trigger seizures for some people and often it happens when hormones are changing. The hot water fires up the neurons causing more electrical activity which can lead to a seizure. Try making the water a little cooler and see if that helps I know it helped me out a lot. I wish you the best of luck and May God Bless You!

This morning, while washing up for my morning prayers, I'm sure I had a complex partial. The next thing I knew, There was a large blood stain on the hallway tile floor, & some on my left nightgown shoulder. The back of my head hurt, and was bleeding. My left elbow is a little sore, too.
Hi Sabbo,

I'm so sorry you had another complex partial seizure. They can be a pain I've dealt with them for yrs. Do you have a low
pressure in the weather your way today? This is what would trigger a lot of my complex partials. If you haven't done it
as I've mentioned before try taking 2 Tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with mother in it and see if that helps you like it
did me. They have found it was the probiotic in the mother along with the protein that was reducing my seizures.
I wish you the best of luck and May God Bless You!

Sabbo, I hope you feel better soon. Take it easy on yourself.
Hi Sabbo,
So good that you share your experiences they must scare you at times and I know that feeling of "where was I and what did I do?" I hope you are healing and feeling better. Do you have a VNS? I do and many of the complex seizures are under control-the tonic clonic for sure. I know it is controversial for many but I am glad to have it. Thanks, Jeanne
Hi Sabbo,
So good that you share your experiences they must scare you at times and I know that feeling of "where was I and what did I do?" I hope you are healing and feeling better. Do you have a VNS? I do and many of the complex seizures are under control-the tonic clonic for sure. I know it is controversial for many but I am glad to have it. Thanks, Jeanne

Hi everyone! It's been awhile. Amazing how tiring a move can be since last August lol

Anyway, I was curious about your comment on VNS's Jeanbean. What are some of the controversies with them? That it doesn't work? Not good for you? All of the above? I got one about five years ago (FINALLY, only took 2+ years to get it approved) through the VA. It has DEFINITELY helped, but I'm still having 2-4 per month. I just moved and am seeing a new neurologist at this VA. He stopped a couple of my meds and is trying to increase the output of the VNS. My last neurologist was doing something wrong I believe. Every time he went up to the next level it literally made me GAG! I would cough for 30-60 seconds! I think he was going up more than one...

Anyway, I have seen this new doc twice now. First time he changed it one level. Second time he went from five down to three minute increments. Next time (three weeks from now) he's going to go up another level. Meanwhile he recommended for me to swipe the magnet some throughout the day to build up more tolerance. I can definitely feel the magnet and brace myself after swiping it, but I don't gag. I'm not expert when it comes to volts, watts and amperage etc, but I think my previous doc was doing both or something to where I just couldn't tolerate it.

PS - Hope you're doing better Sabbo.
I don't have tonic-clonics. The one & only time I had any of those was April of 1987--that's when they FINALLY diagnosed the "weird feelings" I complained about as simple partial seizures. (At that time they were called petit mal seizures). My complex partials began about 20-22 years ago. My current neurologist had suggested testing to see if I'm a candidate for VNS, but I don't know if our insurance would even cover the cost for that. I'm also not too keen on having something permanently inserted in me.
My husband thinks the sound of water may be causing/contributing to some of my complex partials. Many have occurred while I was in or right after I completed a shower. In the past few months, I have had 3 or 4. I don't use water that's very hot since I've burned myself so many times, so hot water on my head really isn't an issue.
Hi Sabbo,

I used to have many complex partial or absence seizures while in the shower and the water wasn't that hot. My Epileptologist told me
it was because the warm water was hitting my head and that in turn was firing up the neurons in my brain which led to a seizure. It could
also be the sound of the water that may be triggering the seizure just like certain audio sounds can trigger seizures for some people.
I wish you only the best and May God Bless You!

Changes in temperature or humidity can be triggering as well. Also putting your hands above your head -- say, to wash or dry your hair -- can be triggering because it can effect blood flow to the brain (the way standing up suddenly can).
This afternoon, I had another complex partial. What's odd is that I took my meds around 3 or 4 hours before.
The last thing I recall before it is sitting on our family room sofa talking to my husband & eating watermelon. He said I got up, picked up the empty bowl, and went towards the kitchen, but suddenly just fell. I hit my left elbow pretty hard on the floor and bumped my head (above my temple). My elbow bone/joint is bruised badly, and hurts when I put weight/pressure on it.
Its surprising that the bowl didn't break. As the seizure was going on, I got up and went upstairs. My husband followed me, & made me lay down in bed, which is where I "came to", wondering how I got there.
sorry to read about the seizure. Glad your husband was there.
Hope you’re feeling better

I had a seizure Thursday night, started off in the lounge and ended up at the dining room table. I went to bed night long after and woke in middle of night with post seizure headache. I took some pain killers which helped ease of the headache enough for me to get through work.
But I still had the post seizure headache Saturday and didn’t get rid of it until yesterday morning.
Hi Sabbo,

Sorry to hear that you had another cp seizure. Just like you when I have them I get up and wander around not
even realizing what I'm doing until the seizure is over. Have you ever tried taking Vimpat? When I started that
I was on 400 mg. but my Dr. lowered it to 300 mg. and since then I seldom have cp seizures.
It's getting close to Fall and this is the time of yr. I usually have more seizure have you ever noticed a pattern
like that? My Dr. calls them seasonal seizures. Have you ever noticed that being around more or less light will
trigger seizures, I've found I need to be around more light to stop my seizures.
Wishing You only the Best and May God Bless You,

I was taking 400mg Vimpat (along with 400mg Topamax) before the insurance company my husband's previous employer had changed. Even on that, I'd get breakthroughs. The new company wanted me to pay $1600/month for just the Vimpat. My doctor switched me to a dose of 400mg Zonisamide along with the Topamax, which is what I take now.
I still average 1-3 breakthrough seizures/month.
HI Sabbo,
I'm sorry to hear you had to change ins. companies but I understand where you are coming from. I would have to pay $3300.00
for a 3 month supply of vimpat if it wasn't for the insurance. I just retired and now I'm paying a little less since my husband went
on medicare. I average between 8-10 seizures a month but most of them are absence seizures. In the fall and winter I will have
at least 15 seizures a month but I've seen a pattern where there will be one month where I go with no seizures which I find interesting.
If you want try the vinegar like I have mentioned in the past and see if that helps you. I wish you the best of luck and May God Bless You!

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