Another Complex Partial?

I wonder how the number & type of seizures I have might change in the next few years. I just turned 49 this July, so I'm sure my body will be changing. As I have said before, simple partial seizures don't trouble me. Those usually last less than 2 minutes, and I am pretty aware of everything going on around me.
Hi Sabbo,
The number of seizures I have had went way down after I turned about 40. My Epileptologist told me that
it depends on the person and especially if they have Temporal lobe Epilepsy that can really mean either
an increase or decrease in the seizures. I will be 59 in September. Another thing I was told to do is use the
natural progesterone cream that you can buy in health food store and put it on my skin at least once a day
it has peanut oil and wild yams in it so if you are allergic to anything like that you can't use it but when I used
it that was a big help for me or also just eating roasted almonds or any type of nuts as long as they didn't have
a lot of salt. Wishing you only the best and May God Bless You!

My complex partials started when I was in my late 20's, at least as far as I know. If I had complex partials before then, they weren't seen by any one or diagnosed. I do know both types of seizures increase when I'm under stress/tension.
Thankfully, I don't have allergies of any type. I eat a variety of nuts daily. I have noted that sometimes when I start/add a new medication, I may stay seizure free for a short time, but within a year I begin having breakthrough complex partials.
It apparently happened again today, around 11:30 am. My older son & I had returned from the store a little earlier. I recall being in the kitchen, putting things away and preparing things I needed to cook for dinner. My son told me that I collapsed onto the floor.

I believe I may have had a second complex partial late this afternoon, while cooking some of the things for tonight's dinner. I noticed a few small blisters on my pointer & middle fingers. The one on my pointer finger had opened.
Hi Sabbo,

I'm so sorry to hear that you had another complex partial seizure. It may sound crazy but try putting some apple cider vinegar
on your fingers if they got burnt. I have found that to be a big help when I get a sunburn it takes the soreness away.

I'm wondering if you may be having drop seizures also. I never collapsed when I had a complex partial seizure I would only
wander around or just sit down and not remember anything until after the seizure was over.

Take it easy on yourself and I wish you only the Best. May God Bless You!

Thank you for the information. What I think is extremely odd is that I took my morning dose of medications a little before 8 am yesterday--earlier than I usually do.
I'm going to contact my neurologist's office to make an appointment for Sept. or Oct. (which is when he wanted to see me) I'll inform them about what's been happening when I call. He wanted me to have an EEG done, so I have to schedule that as well.
Hi Sabbo,

I wish you the best of luck with your neuro and I hope you will be able to get in soon. I always had to wait
at least 3 months if not longer to see my Dr.

I know everyone is different but sometimes I can forget to take my med or take it 2 hrs. later and it won't bother me,
could your drug level be a little low? I know that happens to me sometimes for no reason and then the seizures start up.
I wish you the best of luck and May God Bless You!

I've had a few complex partials this month. One in the first week, & one yesterday. When I called last month to make an appointment with my neurologist, the first one available (which I took) was in March 2022!
The seizure yesterday also happened late in my my shower or right after. It was about 20 minutes later, and I kept feeling uncomfortable. I went into my room, & when I partially undressed, I realized the problem. I had put some of my clothes on backwards. The weird things a person can do during these types of seizures!!
The one I had earlier in the month happened while I was getting something in my room. My husband found me laying on the floor near the bed.
Hi Sabbo
Sorry to hear about the recent seizures and sorry you can’t get into your neurologist until March.
Is it possible to get in earlier if they have a cancellation?

I hope you feel better.
I have asked them put me on the list to be notified if another appointment becomes available. The only issue I may have is the appointment time. I need late afternoon times since my husband gets off at 3. Earlier times would require him to take time off to drop me at the clinic & again to pick me up.
Recently, many of the complex partials I have had occurred while I was in or right after I took a shower. My older son ordered a hand-held shower with a magnetic clasp, & we've put a shower stool in the tub so I don't have to stand up. I always tell my husband when I'm going to shower, & keep the doors unlocked.
Hi Sabbo,

I'm sorry to hear that you had another complex partial seizure. Just like you I would often have them in the shower and when I told
my Epileptologist about how I was having seizures in the shower he told me it was because the water was to hot and that in turn fires up
the neurons in the brain as the water hits your head and then it leads into a seizure. He told me to cool the water down and since I've done
that I haven't had any more seizures in the shower. Also just to let you know I have a long time to wait to see my Dr. also sometimes it may
be 3-6 months if not longer. I wish you only the best of luck and May God Bless You!

I've had a couple more complex partials over the past few weeks. One was on the Friday after Thanksgiving. I recall getting things ready to my husband's cousin's for the weekend. It was around 10:40 when I came out of it. I realized that I must have a seizure because suddenly I was sitting on the sofa, eating breakfast (2 toasts) for a second time!! I had already eaten that same thing as breakfast around 5:30a.m., like I do every morning. Also, some things from my dressing table had been knocked onto the floor.
Another apparently happened this past Sunday when I was helping at our mosque. I remember cleaning up the lunch things & locking the supply cabinet like I do every week. I remember sitting down on a chair to wait until prayer time, but nothing after that until we're in our minivan. when I mentioned that I couldn't figure out why my right shoulder was hurting, my son told me that I'd had a seizure & fallen off the chair.
Oddly, I had taken medication doses around 8a.m. in both cases.
I had an EEG on 2/9. I have an appointment with my neurologist on 3/11, which is when I'll find out its results. I have had at least 4 CPs between mid-December and my EEG.
I've also had some simple & complex partial seizures since my EEG. In one case, I was preparing my son's breakfast, and slumped over the kitchen counter. My husband was there, so he took me to a chair in the family room, where I "came to" a little later.
Sorry to hear about the complex partials

Good luck with the results.
Hi Sabbo,
Sorry to hear that you had a nother complex partial seizure. Have you ever tried taking vimpat? I know once I started
taking that drug my complex partial seizures decreased a lot. I have maybe 4 a yr. where before I would have at least 10
complex partial seizures a yr. or more. I wish you only the best of luck and May God Bless You!

I took Vimpat for a few years shortly after it came out. I had to switch to Zonisamide when our insurance changed because the new company wanted me to pay for it--$1600+ per month!!! Even when I was taking 400mg/day of Vimpat along with 400mg/day of Topamax I would still get 1-3 breakthrough complex partials per month.
The time before the last time that I saw my neurologist he wanted me add Vimpat as a third AED, starting with 25mg twice/day. I filled the prescription & took it, but then then after that didn't refill it. There are two reasons: Just this drug was costing over $100/month, but more importantly, my husband said he didn't want me sticking more drugs in my body every day.
It happened again today. Surprisingly, I had taken my morning meds around 8am!! I've had a simple partial around 8:50am lasting about 2 minutes, and 2 complex partials.
One complex partial occurred while I was walking down the stairs at home with a plastic glass of water. Thankfully, I was near the bottom. I fell but didn't hurt myself other than scraping my elbow & a little bruise. My son heard me fall & guided me to my bed, where I "came to".
I had an appointment with my neuro, and one complex partial actually occurred there!!
My neuro has now raised my Zonisamide to 500mg/day--300mg in the morning, 200 at night.
Hi Sabbo,
Sorry to hear that you had another complex partial seizure they can be a pain in the fanny. If I may ask is there a low pressure
in the weather in your area? Sometimes that's what triggers seizures for me. Also I found out that if the dosage of some of my
meds are to high I end up having seizures.
Wishing you only the best and May God Bless You,

Thanks for the well wishes.
My neuro said that Northwestern Hospital has merged with one that's near us. He'll be at a meeting there this week & will see about possibly setting up one of those extended EEGs for me in the coming months. For now, he has raised the amount of Zonisamide I take to 500mg/day--300mg in the morning, 200 at night.
I hope the new dosing helps. And that you stay out of trouble. :)
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