Another Complex Partial?

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I received the email from my neurologist with info about that other doctor this past Friday. I'll call in a day or two to set up the appointment. Any extended stay testing would have to wait until early May, though.
Ramadan starts on April 2 or 3, & I have to be home. Before dawn, I prepare breakfast with my husband for him & our sons. At sunset, he helps me prepare special dishes for them to break their fast with.
Despite the increase in my Zonisamide dose (now 500mg/day), I had 2 more complex partials--on the same day (5/4)!! I broke the leather strap on my watch during one of them. Both left bumps on my forehead--one at my right eyebrow, the other along my hairline.
I will be meeting with that other neurologist on 5/20. Then I'll find out when he wants any new/long term EEG done.
Hi Sabbo,

I'm sorry to hear that you had 2 cp sz. they are a pain in the fanny. I may have asked you in the past but have you ever tried using cbd oil?
I know it really has reduced my seizures a lot. You may want to give it a try if you haven't yet. Once again I'm sorry to hear you had the cp sz.
and I wish you only the best and May God Bless You!

The appointment with the new neurologist on 5/20 went very well. He wants me to try a new AED--Xcopri. If it suits me, he will have me drop Topiramate completely. I've been on it for over 20 years.
The appointment with the new neurologist on 5/20 went very well. He wants me to try a new AED--Xcopri. If it suits me, he will have me drop Topiramate completely. I've been on it for over 20 years.
Glad the appt went well.

best of luck with the new med
Thanks. Hopefully, I will start that med on Sunday. The drugstore was out of it when they received the prescription. At least it's a once daily medication. My final dose will be around 200mg/day. With Topiramate dropped, that will be much better than what I'm taking now.
That's a pretty new med -- definitely let us know how it works!
I started taking Xcopri & lowered my morning dose of Topiramate to 100mg on Sunday. Either it will probably take a few days to get to the right level of this new AED (if it works) or lowering the Topiramate is affecting me. I just had a complex partial a few hours ago. I felt a simple partial coming on around 12:30p.m. and sat down. The next thing I knew though, it was much later, and my mom (who was visiting) was extremely worried because she's never seen me do/act like I did in that seizure.
Hi Sabbo,
Sorry to hear that you had another complex partial. I know when I was on Topiramate it didn't help me at all and I started
having a lot more seizures but everyone is different. I never liked having to change meds it always caused me to have seizures
do to the change in meds. I wish you only the best of luck and May God Bless You!

I had a second complex partial--I have to doublecheck with my husband for the time/length. He saw me falling due to it and helped me. I bumped my head behind ear on a chair arm, breaking my earring.
Yikes, I hope you are okay. And the earring too. :)
I'm okay now, but I was sore to the touch behind my left ear. I bruised my left elbow & my left jaw joint also hurt until yesterday. I will attempt to fix the earring. If not, I'll have to toss it.
This neuro has scheduled a 3T MRI for me this Saturday. I've never had an MRI done for my epilepsy. I had one done a while ago due to stomach cramps, but that's the only time.
MRIs are supposed to be a lot better than they used to be. I had one when I first started having seizures about 20 years ago. My current neuro would like do to another MRI now with one of the newer machines, but since my seizures are currently controlled I think it would just be a fishing expedition with no real purpose.

I hope yours goes well and helps with your treatment.
My doctors haven't called me with any results of the MRI. I don't understand what information they have given me on the group's website

Tomorrow I will raise the Xcopri to 50MG & drop both doses of Topiramate to 50 MG. It's possible I did have a complex partial yesterday.
I had showered & gotten ready. I recall ending it then being in front of my dresser making my hair--I don't know what happened in between. I also noted that my right shoulder blade was extremely sore. When I went to get something from the bathroom, I saw that the shampoo bottles laying on the bottom of the tub and the shower curtain had been left open.
I'm still using the Xcopri titration packs, & I will start the final one tonight. It has the Xcopri at 150MG/night for 2 weeks, then raises it to 200mg/night. That will probably be my final Xcopri dose. The doctor also had a prescription for 200MG Caplets of Xcopri ordered with the titration pack, & that's the dose it has on it.
I stopped using the Topiramate this week, taking the final 50MG dose yesterday.
Then I will be taking 500MG Zonisamide, 200MG Xcopri, & 1MG Folic Acid/day
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