Controlling Seizures With Raw Foods

OMG! I HATE THE FOOD INDUSTRY! What in the H*** are they thinking!!!

I am going to plaster that page everywhere. This makes me so mad! I really thought I had a fast food snack that I could grab and go. Grrrrrrrr
I am going to plaster that page everywhere. This makes me so mad! I really thought I had a fast food snack that I could grab and go. Grrrrrrrr

:agree: I'll be sharing this with everyone I know and on all the health forums I'm active in. It is disappointing and :mad: maddening :mad: My son loves baby carrots. I told him that I could buy the regular carrots and cut them up for him. I feel bad because I took away all processed junk from my house, thinking fresh fruits and veggies are safe. Then I had to explain to my son yesterday why I was taking away one of his favorite snacks.
More on Chlorine in Produce

I've followed up on this and found that the same can be said about any pre-cut veggie including bagged salad greens. Here's some more info found at Ideal Bite. We sacrifice health for convenience.
I have been trying to find out if organic mini carrots are also "soaked"
From what I'm finding, even pre-cut organic veggies can be put through a chlorine rinse before being bagged. It's better to be safe and avoid them :)
Well, I guess ease is out the window. You have to figure that this one was coming. I mean, how can we assume that something that is prebagged (like precanned, premade) is any less subject to extra chemicals?? Shame on me for true laziness.

Oh well, back to the salad spinner and ripping lettuce:woot:-----LMT
Question about raw food?

:ponder:I just want to ask a quick question. I have been seizure free controlled with dilantin for 5.5 yrs. Recently I started the raw food way of life. I felt great,wonderful in and in 3 weeks I had lost 8 lbs. I loved this diet and felt so awesome on it but then out of the blue I had a complex partial and a tonic clonic. I haven't had a seizure in like I said earlier 5.5 years. In the emeg they told my my dilantin levels we slightly low (29) and ever since I had these seizures I've been feeling nervous in my stomach like another seizure is around the corner. Do you think it may be possible this diet is too cleansing for me and this is why my seizures have come back, its the only thing that has changed in my life that I can think of. I've stopped the diet just in case but these weird feelings aren't going away.
I buy eggs from a lady at the farmer's market I go to and she said even the organic eggs purchased at the supermarket, are washed in chlorine, so she sells hers but they are marked for pet consumption only and I buy them and wash them myself in vinegar.
Marty -- is low blood sugar a trigger for you? If you are eating less on the raw food diet perhaps it is causing low blood sugar, or affecting the metabolism of your medication. BTW -- your Dilantin level seems high to me. Standard therapeutic range is 10 to 20 mcg/mL.
Thank you for the quick reply. I really don't have many triggers other than stress. My blood sugar was taken by the EMT and it was within normal limits 5.2 mmol/l (Canadian readings) so I know it wasn't low blood sugar. When I asked the ER doc what normal was (dilantin levels) he said between 40-100 so I'm not sure what he means perhaps our readings are different here in Canada. I'm just so worried I hate this and I hate my family worrying about me. I was trying to go something good for my health and I hope I haven't done something wrong. I think you may be right about the metabolism of the meds. Sucks though I was enjoying this diet, first time ever I wasn't ready to fall of the wagon (no pun intended lol)
That dilantin reading 28 is mmol/l I just did some searching on the net therapeutic dilantin levels
Well my dilantin dose has be increased and I was right about the cleansing affect my Dr said I was prob low to begin with but the healthy eating just may have lowered it just that little bit more so I have been ok'd to restart my raw diet and we are going to keep a really close eye on my levels.YEAH!!!
Good to hear! I hope you can stay healthy in all ways...
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