Controlling Seizures With Raw Foods

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Just Read this thread after talking with one of my church members yesterday and I was kind of inspired by his sucess. Hes not epileptic he just was extolling the benefits of living raw that have been mentioned here. I have intractable epilepsy and have been on Atkins Mad and LGIT and while all three have worked. KEto the best when I was in my early teens. The MAD is too hard to self manage and with the LGIT I am still consuming breads so I am not making any ketones anyways and I am still having partials. Albeit They are less instense but still happen. I think what happens with me is when my BS spikes or drops radically I have an issue. I'm not diabetic and we don't have a history of that in our family but I do feel lethargic and unmotivated all the time and just very blah. So I think I might want to give this a go. One question I have though I can you still drink alcohol? I am a big fan of a pint of guiness or stout or a glass of wine or the occasional shot of whiskey in tea. Which leads me to another question. What about Honey or molasses? Can you consume either of these things? How about caffiene? I live in PA dutch country so getting away from meat is really hard to do up here as most of the local culture is centered around consuming beef and pork and heavy carbs like potato filling or sweets like stickybuns. Can you consume caffiene on this diet? I currently only drink herbal tea now and decaf black tea. Over this past summer I was making herbal tea from Rosemary and Sage and fresh mint from my aunts garden and the detox effects where amazing and it was a naturally sleep aid and made me feel so good. So in this diet all you can eat is Fruit and veggies and raw nuts correct? So No bread or grains right? Sorry for all the questions but I'm really curious and I am sick of having partials and feeling generally crappy all the time.
Eliminate seizures with Coconut oil

I am surprised that no one has even mentioned about these foods to eliminate seizures. My 9 year old son had two 3 hour long grand mal seizures and the doctors could not control it even after pumping lot of medicines in my son's body. My son has not had any kind of seizure in last 6 months. He does not take any medicines and I am 100% positive that he will never again have seizures in his life.

(1) Get cold pressed organic coconut oil. I pay $16 for 56oz jar of coconut oil. Mix coconut oil in everything that you eat, Try to consume 8 tablespoons of coconut oil every day - 4 in morning and 4 in night.

Coconut oil works by producing ketones in your body and maintains ketosis. Ketosis controls seizures even where medicines fail to work. (This is the only oil in world which has this ability. Just remember to get cold pressed organic coconut oil). There is no cholesterol in this oil. Increase the consumption slowly to make the body used to it. Sudden more amount of coconut oil can cause stomach ache and diarrhoea.

www DOT - Vanderbilt University Neurology department research where they used MCT (coconut oil) to reduce seizures in a 40 year old man by 97%

onlinelibrary DOT - Randomized double blind study of MCT oil in hospitals in London (United Kingdom) (group size - 145 children)

(2) Get raw turmeric from grocery store. I pay $4 for one pound of turmeric. Peel outer layer of turmeric and eat it. Keep daily consumption between 10-15 gm.

Turmeric has 150 different ingredients which repair and build new neurons and neural circuits.

(3) Eat avocados. It provides almost 15 different kind of amino acids.

American diet is highly deficient in Omega-3 fatty acids while brain is 70% fatty tissues. Avocados have high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids and numerous vitamins and minerals and about different amino-acids.

(4) Eat garlic, onions, chicory root etc. These are excellent source of prebiotics and provide nutrition for good bacteria in your gut.

(5) Substitute cow milk with goat milk. Goat milk contains Medium chain fatty acids which is very nourishing for brain.

(6) Take magnesium supplement.

American diet is highly deficient in Magnesium but Magnesium is required in more than 400 chemical processes happening in body. Just imagine what will happen to food in refrigerator if I turn off electricity for 24 hours

(7) Take supplements for GABA and L-Carnitine

(8) Always get at least 9-10 hrs of good sleep.

Things to avoid

(1) Stop eating food in fast food and other restaurants. Most of the fast food have MSG which is responsible for causing slow death of brain neurons.

(2) Remove consumption of bad carbohydrates such as bread.
I don't believe grains and legumes(beans) were ever intended for human consumption.
I believe what makes this diet work isn't what I am eating, it lies in what I am NOT eating. When you remove the products that your body can't digest well (grains, beans, dairy, etc) and remove the products that cause adverse reactions in our bodies (MSGs, preservatives, sugars, additives, etc) then our bodies can function as they should. We have more energy because our bodies our not using as much of it's energy on digesting hard-to-digest foods. We feel better and think better because our brains aren't dealing with the assault of excitotoxins. We don't suffer from common colds, viruses, and infections anymore because our immune system isn't weakened by improper diet. When our bodies and digestive systems are functioning as they should, then they can absorb vitamins, nutrients, and minerals much better than before.
I could not agree more. But then this also applies to eating a paleo low carb diet with plenty of grass fed animal protein. Get the junk out of the way and your body has amazing powers to heal itself. I don't think raw foods are particularly magical, though.

I am surprised that no one has even mentioned about these foods to eliminate seizures.
(1) Get cold pressed organic coconut oil.
(2) Get raw turmeric from grocery store.
(3) Eat avocados.
(4) Eat garlic, onions, chicory root etc.
(5) Substitute cow milk with goat milk.
(6) Take magnesium supplement.
(7) Take supplements for GABA and L-Carnitine
(8) Always get at least 9-10 hrs of good sleep.

(1) Stop eating food in fast food and other restaurants. Most of the fast food have MSG which is responsible for causing slow death of brain neurons.
(2) Remove consumption of bad carbohydrates such as bread.
I also couldn't agree more. Sounds like a cross between Dr. Perlmutter and Dr. Symes and Dr. Blaylock. Other than #7 above that is my life. I don't think I need a carnitine supplement when I eat ample red meat. I wish I could find raw turmeric root, I have to settle for the powdered kind.
God made food for health. Man made food for shelf-life, beauty and profit, and not necessarily in that order.

I agree. Man has a way of adulterating everything good.

It is sad how many of us in the US put form ahead of function.
the turmeric I can only get in powder form is that ok...coconut I can get the coconut water but not seen the oil..if fact I going take this list and go shopping do I eat turmeric by spoonful or put in milk and how much
You can get turmeric in capsules if you are not a fan of the taste. The raw root is tasty for cooking but the powder works just as well.

Amazon has several brands of turmeric.
Also you might want to try some of the coconut milk or cream.
The brand I use is Aroy-D (also on Amazon) because it doesn't have any added ingredients, just coconuts.

Amazon also sells the oil. But You probably can find all of these products if you have anywhere near where you live where Indian or south east Asian or African people shop.
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Be careful not to get turmeric on your clothes -- unless you want to dye them yellow! :)
What's difference between blender and processed.i just got unto blaster I see adverts so often I began to wonder how I lived without one.not used it yet but going to.Read how raw food helping everyone but also been told it don't get absorbed so well
I don't think there is anything wrong with eating some raw foods and some cooked. It doesn't have t be all or nothing.

I also don't think that eating everything raw is some sort of panacea that will cure every ailment ever invented.

Cooking (when done right) does unlock more nutrients in food, it makes them more bio-available. Like lightly steaming or roasting veggies, not boiling them and throwing away all the good stuff that ends up in the water.

Cooking, IMO, gets a bad rap from bad cooks.
Cooking is a way of predigesting food for those of us with considerable digestive issues who need to assist and or speed up the digestion process as well as facilitate nutrient absorption. It is also a way of sanitizing certain foods which might otherwise cause intestinal problems.
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I started raw food the only thing I read is not always get full absorption in raw need just little heat up
Meat has to be cooked. For intestinal problems that you can die from.

There are qute a few veggies and fruit that you can eat raw. You do have to wash them first.

Find out how a food grows and then you can figure out if it should be cooked or not. A raw potato should not be eaten raw because it is hard and has to become soft by baking it.

I like tumeric. I buy the powder form. It is a spice.
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