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This is something that has been bugging me for a while. Is deja vu always seizure related? If someone with no history of seizures experiences deja vu, are they having a seizure?

I used to love deja vu. It gave me a feeling of excitement, like I knew something others didn't or I had access to something amazing. Now I get scared every time it happens. It's always been very strong with me and something I always considered very spiritual. Now I question my spirituality, and everything linked to it. It's rather unsettling.
Some cases of deja vu can be considered as a mild neurological abnormality rather than an actual seizure. This akin to the jerk many folks experience as they are drifting off to sleep -- it's a neurological misbehavior but it's not considered serious or pathological in any way. If you are having a lot of deja vu sensations, that may be an indication that they are seizure-related, especially if you are experiencing other kinds of auras as well. This doesn't mean that you can't "enjoy" them, but you may also want to keep tabs on them, and make sure that they or other kinds of seizure-related symptoms aren't escalating.
I experience deja vu a lot too. I think of it as a spiritual experience too/ aura. The main thing I try to do is go with the flow when it's happening. But whenever I have deja vu it's always remembering a past dream. Anyone else feel the same way?
My deja vu is often linked back to dreams. I'm trying to enjoy it again, but it hasn't happened for a while
my deja vu is always this has happened b4 in it i imagioned that in the past im always about to go into a sezure but dont.... if that makes since
I happen to like/don’t mind all my simple partials aside from the one that is a long lasting feeling of disgust, nausea, and filth, BLAH! You can keep that one to yourself brain.

I have a smorgasbord of different SP that effect all of my senses. They are distracting but fascinating… But this thread is about Deja Vue. I like those to, but they are also disheartening. While one is happening I am 100% sure I have experience whatever I’m doing before, while I know it’s in my head, it’s just a SP. When it’s over and I really think about it, I know the truth. Still, I don’t let that get in the way of telling people I have super powers, like being able to predict the future.

If simple partials didn’t have any long lasting ill effects, I could live quiet happily with them. Sadly, that is not the case, booooo
I read on... eh, Wikipedia that it could be related to seizures... but Wikipedia is Wikipedia.

I'm on medication for epilepsy but I often have awful deja vu, where I'm just totally convinced for minutes straight that this current situation is exactly as it happened once and all I need to do is remember when it last happened... but if I'm on medication, I don't know why it still happens, so maybe it's not seizures... I don't know, but I've got it a lot. It's comforting to know that other epileptics get it a lot too.
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