Dont know what it is...

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Hey guys,
Its been a while since i posted
But im wondering if anyone gets what I get, its hard to explain but i will try

Anyway ive had tonic clonic sezures since i wss 17 been seizure free now for 6 years ( i think )
But always had another feeling but lately its been bad

There is 2 types of the feeling i get

1- I would have the feeling I get right before i have the tonic clonic sezure
altho it would last all day, it feels like a wave in the brain where it would be there small all day but every now and then i get these few seconds when it literely feels like the wave has got huge and feels like im about to have the tonic clonic but i dont. I cant even descirbe it really the brain feels like the lines on a heart monitor lol

2- all would be fine then bang out of nowhere i get this feeling washing over me it would be the same as the feeling before tonic clonic sezure mixed with feelings of ... flash back from other times, then a feeling of omg does that really happen to me ( i get sezures) then my heart near explodes it beats so fast for a few secs the whole thing only lasts few secs.... they when all this calms down i left feeling shaky.

just wondering if anyone ever has these feelings? Ive been to my nerologist lots of time about it but he just ignores it, i stopped going.

sorry bout the spelling :roflmao:
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yes. Auras might happen to others, but they don't happen to us.

1. i have an 'uneasiness' all day, and am willing to ignore it because it's undefined. later, it turns out that i'll having a huge seizure. Whatever. how much do you pay attention to these undefines feelings question mark

2. i don't have this feeling, except when the seizure hits, i know what is happening. After this knowledge, i don't know anything at all. Whwat hits us at the time is so minute that we cannot tell another person...

i feel your pain.