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Thank-you everybody. Alex will be getting monitored on the fourth of May. We shall see. Pray just. pray.
Teresa and Alex

I am there for you!! I will pray for you.
Epilepsy triggers

Lots of things can contribute to a seizure...I know stess is an instant seizure turn-on for me. But here are a few other things that can help trigger a seizure...

Inadequate sleep. Inadequate sleep can set off seizures in some people (Although I was one of the "lucky" ones who had seizures in my sleep!)

Food allergies. One study indicated that food allergies might provoke some seizures. Consult an allergist if you suspect any food sensitivities, allergies, or a reaction to food additives. (Like MSG.)

Alcohol and smoking. Alcohol and smoking should be avoided, although light alcohol consumption doesn't appear to increase seizure activity in people who are not alcoholics or sensitive to alcohol.

Flashing lights. I was a member of the disco generation and boy, was that ugly. Those mirrored balls with flashing lights were a killer. They also didn't do much for my dating life!

There are plenty more...but I hope this information helps...
Hello Cinnabar,

I'm fairly new here. I've been scared of what I can learn. I also have been diagnosed with temporal lobe seizures because of a lesion on the left side of the brain. Can you explain what you mean about neocortical symptoms? My lab and my oldest cat seem to be able to tell though. Thanks for your Help and any advice that you could offer.
Hi S, it is typical for Neocortical Epilepsy to be cause by a lesion to the brain and such other physical damage. The symptoms include: strange sensations, changes in behavior or emotions, muscle spazms, convultions, sudden loss of awareness.

I hope this helps. And by the way, welcome.
my seizure triggers arent not light usualy, they are mostly surpising noise, or getting to far on either end of the emotional scale. like angery or happy. and video games.

I do seize in my sleep sometimes.

I would reccomend learn how to let things go, and relax a lot of things in life just don't really matter. And of course, it could always be worse.
  • Postictal - You should know that following many types of seizures is a state called postictal. During this post-seizure phase, the subject is *not* conscious. They may laugh, be confused or angry, talk gibberish and/or have a spaced out look in the eyes and seem somewhat conscious - but unresponsive to those around them.

Yes , the postictal phase after seizures is unknown to most people (even some proffesional paramedics).
I'm fairly new here. I've been scared of what I can learn.

Welcome to our forum. You do not need to be afraid of learning. Learning can only help you. The more you learn, the less afraid you will be.

The Social Groups have a calming effect on me. I belong to The Creative Writing Page. It is great. I hope you will join us.
skStrange, I'm just as you are on the forum here, but my issue, similar to yours, began in '97. Mine might not be the best path to recovery, but it was all based on what I learned about myself throughout my ordeal. The site here is excellent for info about how-to and support, as you feel fit.

Learning about my options turned out to be a great motivator toward convidence, during and after the shock of my situation. Feel free to jump back on the site and tell/ask whatever you're thinking. And, of course, good luck.
Hello, and welcome. My husband and I just found this site, and it's the best one so far. He has had three seizures since Jan '10, so this is very new to us. I agree that information is the best way to relax - the more you know, the better. Friends and family are great for general support, but they really don't fully understand (although the try to). Hang in there - I also agree that you have to be very proactive with the doctors. I'm learning this. And take notes, make a list of questions, and get every one of them answered. That's what they're there for. I'm also learning we have to be patient, as there isn't a pat answer or quick fix for everyone - everyone is unique. Good luck. - D in Texas
Memory loss

I had back-to-back seizures two nights ago and I'm feeling a little more like my ol'self, however last night I tossed and turned most of the night knowing full well lack of sleep was most likely the trigger that brought the seizures on to begin with. I know the drugs slow my thinking process down but I'm sure hoping this is a temporary thing and I'll come back to "normal". This is the worst it's ever been. i.e. I go to reach for something and it's not there/say something and the words just aren't there like they should be. Frustrating and it makes me feel people think I'm stupid.

Hi Bernard,

Thanks for your reply. I am currently taking Lamictal for PartialComplex but it just seems like it's taking longer to get back to normal. Perhaps I am just impatient!

Thank you all! As a newbie, I am nervous and concerned for my recently diagnosed 16 year old daughter. I am so glad that the knowledge and support that this community has is available to me.

Oh yes. Sixteen. Start or stop. Hormones. They are the monster. I got them when I was ten from the chicken pox. But when I twelve, I changed.I have a boy with epilepsy, 14. You will do great. Its a road to travel.With the blessings of God. Teresa
I would like to challenge the statement in "Modern Facts about Epilepsy" that "seizures do not cause brain damage."

My child (age 8) was speaking in sentences, and was bilingual in Chinese and English prior to seizures. He was starting to read. Now he speaks about 5 words on a good day.

He also became incontinent and lost bowel control.

He can no longer catch a ball. He no longer has functional play -- just stims with the toys (dangles them) -- or hits something or somebody with them.

He spends most of his days (if we let him) hanging off a bed or coffee table, dangling a toy.

Something caused brain damage. If it wasn't the seizures themselves, it was the meds. Or both.

Our case isn't rare. His special ed teacher and speech therapists and physical therapists all say they have seen severe regression in children's development as a result of seizures.

Perhaps seizures don't affect adults or teens in the same way, but they are HELL on small children.
My son is the same way. it makes me cry. Reading this this does also.I have epilepsy and so does my my 14 year old son. I know it is difficult. God I know. I'm a single mom with serious epilepsy. Has he ever had a neurosyche? Or does he talk yet. My mission is to help you now. I'm Teresa.My son did not speak until he was six. And then he regresses from time to time because of myoclonic seizures.I have lost most of my memory because of so many seizures. It took my son along time to walk.Make sure you write all this down. My son wants to be a big boy but he is very little. He loves me and I love him. You sound like a fighter.He will get to that point and then learn more. Have you had a video eeg. You can do it at home. A good epileptologist will work it out. Lets take some time to talk.So PM ,me and we can go from there. In the mean time, don't hurt yourself over this. My brain is wierd enough. Now that I am acepting who my son is, I am seeing how he learns, where his set backs are. If he is really upset or tired he has more siezures. They are nocturnal. And he has Interminnant explosive disorder, he has learned to meditate and breathe.He gets mad.He jerks.Just try and put some little love into his heart every day. Because, he is struggleing with this to.He will know its going to be ok as long as you know its going to be ok. Yes there is a God. Why this happens, I have no Idea. I know I get to meet fighters like you.God Bless you Teresa
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