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  1. B

    Topomax ??? Is switching a good idea

    I've been on topomax for 12 year They control my seziures very well however the side effects are bothering me and have done for years. I always feel light headed. Always feel unmotavated and the usual topomax symptoms. I have been told I can change to lamaotrigine or levateraciam But I will...
  2. B

    [Info] Topiromate experience ???

    I'm hoping to find out peoples experience with topiromate? Mainly side effects and how it has effected you
  3. B

    Tomomax/topiromate - issues !!!!?????

    I have been on topiromate for about 12 year and for years I have had trouble concentrating, always felt like I didn't do very well at school. I always had twitches in my face which I still have to this day. My eyes feel strange lately I always feel like they are blurry. I have always said for...
  4. D

    Anyone ever try "CBD" oil?

    Hello All, My name is Lauren (LB) and I am a newbie. I am on a mission to gather information for my sister and my nephew, who suffers from epilepsy. His seizures have been getting worse and the medication seems to be becoming less effective. We are looking to potential alternative medicine. A...
  5. Mr.21T

    Disability for Dummies?

    I'm 24, a college graduate, and trying to move towards an independent life but it's difficult, not impossible to do it based on my e-friendly schedule. I work three part-time jobs, drive, and control my seizures, but I can't pay all my bills and meds without my parents' help. I have a friend...
  6. I

    factitius seizures ( epilepsy) and neuro

    6 mo plus since I've seen neuro same dr , can you believe this shit they think it's a factitus disorder. Because of previous medical history , observations of kin and people who have called 911. previous test was inconclusive with pro.dia. PNES (Rant) Then after that this shit piss me off so...
  7. TexasTravel

    A great demonstration

    I found a site, that most of you probably know about, that has an excellent explanation of and demonstration of seizures, the causes, the effects, etc., etc. It is at http://www.epilepsy.com/node/3004?print=true. The script can be extremely small at times and the demonstration does involve...
  8. brain

    Diagnosing Epilepsy - From WebMD

    Diagnosing Epilepsy - From WebMD
  9. brain

    Difference between Simple Partials & Complex Partials

    NEUROLOGY CHANNEL - Understanding Epilepsy & Seizures This website gives a better definition of separation of Simple Partial & Complex Partial Epilepsies... Simple Partials: Complex Partials:
  10. brain

    Unraveling Epileptogenesis - Presented by Epilepsy Foundation

    What causes epilepsy to develop in some people but not others? Why is it that an isolated seizure in one person can be just that — a one-time aberration — while in another person it triggers a worsening progression of symptoms? What’s going on in the brain during this measured march toward the...
  11. Zoe

    Heart Disorder can be Misdiagnosed as Epi.

    Hi folks, This came in my mail today from a cardiologist who runs this board at About.com. A must read! "In the Spotlight The Mistaken Diagnosis of Epilepsy - Another Cause In the October, 2007 issue of Heart Rhythm, physicians from Belgium report that young patients may be receiving the...
  12. RobinN

    Results of MRIs, CTs, EEGs in diagnosing epilepsy

    Bernard - do you have a really good article that states this. UCLA told my husband otherwise, and he is not willing to budge even after I have shown him articles on EF, pubmed, etc. Would be grateful if you would share.
  13. Bernard

    Epilepsy 101 - Part FAQ, Part tips and advice

    Are you newly diagnosed with epilepsy? Here are some things which you should know:Types of seizures - there are many different types of seizures. Most people only know about grand mal (tonic clonic) seizures, but there are actually many types from absences (staring spells with brief loss of...
  14. Bernard

    Proactive Prescription for Epilepsy

    Disclaimer: The following is a synopsis of my opinions/advice regarding epilepsy after a decade of listening to doctors, researching the subject and caring for a wife with epilepsy. I am not a doctor, and you should talk to your neurologist/epileptologist about your care. Epilespy 101 - An...
  15. Bernard

    Epilepsy Myths

    Many 'believe myths' on epilepsy
  16. Bernard

    AEDs not necessary in early stages of epilepy

    The Lancet published the results of a study recently claiming that there was little long term difference in treating the early stages of E with meds: Delaying Epilepsy Drugs May Be OK for Some
  17. Bernard

    Epilepsy Triggers

    Have you identified any triggers for your seizures? What are they and how did you identify them? For Stacy, we are aware of the following:caffeine - ingesting a small amount almost guarantees a grand mal seizure within 24 hourssugar - ingesting a lot of sugar is usually followed by seizure...
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