Epilepsy and Handwriting

Epilepsy and Handwriting

  • AEDs has improved my handwriting

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  • Surgery / VNS with or without AEDs have improved my handwriting

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pathetic penmenship

Mine has always been bad. Don't know if I should blame the e. or the phenobarb. As of late, I have been attempting balance excersizes which seems to have helped my coordination a little. Maybe I should try yoga.
I need to improve my writing and comuter skills, as I am going to attempt to go back to school. (tuition is how much? ouch) I will be doing general IT.
(not cousin It)
Good for you...Going back to school! It's been a dream of mine for a little while now but the "tuition ouch" keeps getting me. I'm not sure what General IT is but I hope you enjoy it!

As for the yoga...Never heard anyone say that yoga ruined their life. LOL. You might find benefits. Good luck.
Has anybody tried those new ergonomic pens? They actually work really well. I know my husband's writing improved drastically when he tried it. It's actually legible now! And considering that I work all day with kids whose chicken scratching's have to be deciphered, if I say his is worse, than you know it's BAD. :) Anyway, the ergonomic pens are kind of shaped like a capital letter Y. Your index finger goes in the part where the two upper arms meet. It prevents you from choking your pens. I definitely give it a thumbs up.
Rebecca's has improved with Neurofeedback. As have all of her grades :tup:
I noticed when my sons meds changed his handwriting got wider. It was harder for him to focus. But he does better now.
Like Zoey H. above --
messy when notetaking, neat when it needs to be. But I'm a graphic designer, so I'm all about the style...and never about the substance :)

I think I'm going to stick with the typewriter!
At least everyone can read what I typed!


As for the ergo-what-you-call-it pen?
I tried finding that!

This poll is open to everyone, read the Questions carefully.

My mom and I had a debate going on; she does not believe
that Epilepsy and Handwriting are related to each other and
believes that it's all "psychological". Even though having
provided her proof throughout the years of my handwriting
being in this fashion, it's the way I write. I have done some
research and there's some disputes and debates regarding
Epilepsy & Handwriting.

This debate between my mother and I have been going on
for quite some time, years actually. While she now realizes
now I have Epilepsy, but she doesn't fully comprehend all
that is within or as sociated with it. (It's additional stress
imposed upon me, because of her 'arguments' - for she
doesn't see it in this manner for she lacks the understanding
of Epilepsy, for to her, everything is 'psychiatric & psychological',
even though when Doctors have told both of my parents (my
father's deceased) that I had Epilepsy, I'm unsure if they
are in denial, or do not want to accept the reality of it, for
they are very difficult people to understand.)

So I am curious as far as with individuals with Epilepsy if it
has impacted you in any shape, form, manner, and degree,
and if it really is pertaining to Temporal Lobe or Mesial Lobe
Epilepsies. Some have remarked it is solely T L E, others have
remarked it's MLE, and others have remarked it's both T L E
and MLE; and that is through the multitudes of journals,
articles, et cetera, I have read ---> the OLD and MODERN,
and I want to compare with the reviews of what had been
written altogether ---> Past & Present in their findings and

Thanks for your time and feel free to make any comment
you wish!
My handwriting is very bad Due to MY MEDICATIONS , They make my hands shake & i'm not very good at writting letters for people can't makeout my handwritting.

So for those that want to hear from me if its by postal your in for a long wait for I nolonger write letters due to my meds effecting my handwritting .

Those that wanna see a list of my meds they're on my profile . Thank You DAVE
David , you are so interesting.I do have TLE. I am on Keppra,Lorazepam,Zonegran and Celexa. My hand writing is by moods now. My son is on Depakote and topamax and a blood pressure medication for his kidney. I have seen changes in his writing over time. I think it is related.
My teachers complained about my handwriting for a long time. (up until about 8th grade) so I had to keep practicing on my hand writing. Finally I got it looking nice. Now, I don't know whether it is meds or epilepsy, but it's not as nice as it used to be...
My handwriting is normally small and legible. When I'm in a fog due to a seizure, my handwriting becomes more scrawley(is that a word?) and I have to leave more room between words when I make a list, like a grocery list. My husband, who grocery shops with me, complains greatly about the legibility of my grocery lists. He also complains about the handwriting on the to do list I make for when he's home. My signature is, however, as it's always been: pristine and readable.
I have found that I can't write as quickly as i used to, but I am still suffering the after effects off a Todd's paralysis on my right side,which isn't helping matters much! I have found that the more seizures I have in a day, the more illegible my writing becomes. by the end of some days, it's not worth getting me to use a pen and paper at all.Also, I seem to be losing the grip of how to use grammar properly in writing.I have found that the Stabilo S'move pens & pencils help (they do a right AND left hand version) As do the YOROpen & YOROpencil (which swivels for either right or left handed use). These are good to promote a better grip on the pen/pencil,which in turn DOES help with how you write.Also, If you REALLY have problems with it, it's worth trying to use a 'tilt table' that has a 20* angle....physiotherapy/occupational therapy trick I nicked from my son's O.T...works for general use as well!!
Me too Dave

It was because of the meds that my penmenship was a disaster. I can't write worth a hill of beans.
Fortunately, all of my classes are online, and I type my responses.
But it is the meds!!!!!:soap:
I was shocked

I've always thought that I have awful handwriting- to the point that I sometimes have trouble reading it. Recently I've had a few people tell me I have great handwriting & when I looked it was readable. The first time that happened I couldn't believe it.

It's still illegible after a sz or when I'm tired though.
I never had problems with handwriting, my brother after some time taking depakine told that he culd not write as good as before, and I must say that my mother and I thought it was nonesense:paperbag:
I hadn't really thought about it until you posted the question. My handwriting has always been kind of bad - I am a lefty. It has gotten a lot worse in the last few years. When I stop to think, around the time I started on AEDs, is there a connection? I don't know, but it would help explain the rather quick deterioration. Maybe a coincedence but after reading other peoples comments and situations, I have to wonder....
Since I am a newbie, this may change...but as of now I don't have a change in my handwriting except the writing that I do WHILE I am in a seizure. I find stuff I have written while in my seizure and the handwriting is so different that at first I thought someone wrote it!
Cousin IT

General IT is Information Technologies. Sorry, I was in geek mode when I wrote it. Cousin IT is just all the peripheral stuff surrounding general IT. The part I don't like is doing all the menial classes. Yuk.
Can I link to all the geeks out there?
This is one last desperate push to keep my brain going, as I seem to be loosing more and more cognitive function.
i practice my handwriting all the time . i love to draw and make nice letters
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