Epilepsy and Handwriting

Epilepsy and Handwriting

  • AEDs has improved my handwriting

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  • Surgery / VNS with or without AEDs have improved my handwriting

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Finally, I've met someone who loves the process of editing and proofing. I "almost" enjoy the process as much as writing my memoir, which is taking forever because I edit and proof every two pages! Too anal!

Yours, Cinnabar
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I have TLE, but my very shaky, unreadable handwriting is without a doubt due to my meds.
I have tle as well. You're right. Probably, due to the meds. WELCOME!
Has epilepsy affected your handwriting

Boy it sure has! Not only has it made it ugly when I used to have really pretty cursive writing, but it's really jerky when I have myclonus episodes and I have to go back and erase a lot of it and write it over again. I write in pencil mose of the time now. And it's awful when I have to sign a check.:agree:
WELCOME WALKSALOT...funny I'm just ready to write out a check. What is a Mychonus episode? First I've heard of that one...always interested in learning what others go through....
Nothing like disorintation and bad handwriting. I'm quite the site at the bank!
:scholar:Hi Cinnabar

That's what I get for not proofreading. BTW, I knew it was typing and even thought I could spell pretty good right after a seizure, but I didn't happen. Myoclonus is the correct spelling and I'm sure you know what that one is. No education is needed.
I don't really know. My handwriting has never been good but I hardly ever write anymore so whenever I do, it's awful. I have no idea if it has anything at all to do with epilepsy, however. That option wasn't there so I didn't vote.
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Both of my parents were Catholic and were forced to have nice handwriting. If they didn't they had to start all over. My parents made a big deal about our writing also, but no that bad. After my first tonic-clonic I was put on meds immediatly. I only had auras and absence before that. After the carbamezapin I have a hard time with cursive R's and eights. I had to stop and concentrate or I cant do it legibally.
wife and mother - I'm sure your beautiful handwriting will come back. These kind of things happen in post ictal state. The days after my Tonic Clonic I forgot how to spell my first name. It was barely ledgible. I was mortified. In Hight School I received official recognition for....best handwriting. So I know how you feel!
A lot of these things I didn't pay attention too until resently but yes, my handwriting has changed. A LOT!! If I don't pay attention my writing will look worse than a child's but it is still legible. I have to make myself continue to write neat or I will forget and it turns to slop.
On the other hand ... here's a thought ... *laughing*

I still envy people who can write well ...


My handwriting is STILL hideous! (But will
that position me more like a Medical Doctor
considering what it looks like?)

:ponder: :roflmao: :noevil:
My handwriting looks kind of child like to me, its always bothered me to be honest. I had never thought to connect it to E, always thought it was my ADD. :ponder:
Here's a twist

How is everybody's printing. I can print faster and more legibly that write. Thu exersize, I have gained some motor control, but my penmenship is pathetic.
I am a lefty. When I was growing up, way back, they tried to make lefty's right handed. That was is the 1950's. My handwriting was better then. My medicines made my hand writing worse. The more AED's I was put on the worse my handwriting became.
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