Epilepsy and Handwriting

Epilepsy and Handwriting

  • AEDs has improved my handwriting

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my hand writing is terrible and my printing is good and readable.

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Handwriting has always been aproblem

I've always had problems with my handwriting. I din't start writing until I was a 3rd grarder and I didn't start writing in cursive until 6th grade. Since I had a stroke before birth that caused slow developement in reading writing and math!
Since my first seizure... I've noticed that my handwriting (which everyone thought was remarkablely sure and distinctive. I've been told that from a distance it looked like "type" on paper.) Now, my handwriting has become moderately sloppy. More that that really. It's "impatient" handwriting. I strain to connect each letter together. I, now, struggle to get back to my usual way when writing out a card or something of the sort where friends would read. My hands don't seem to shake. I've paid extra attention to that. My only explanation is that it is due to seizuring. Like your mother I attribute much to the psychological but, here, my gut tells me it has to due with damage from episodes. Then sometimes, I wonder if it's due to medications but the only change since my first seizure is a little higher dose of Lamictal. I've been on stronger medication cocktails before and have never had this problem.
For now, happy to sign off here in "type" Cinnabar
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I have so many different journals from 25 years ago. And my handwriting has worsened over time. I noticed my writing is worse when I am upset or busy. I skip words when I am having small petit mal. You may even see that here once in a while. My sons hand writing was really good when he was 5 then the more meds he was put on (which could of caused more seizures)his hand writing got worse until recently we lowered his meds. Too high.
I think I imitate my doctors' handwriting. I've been around enough of 'em. Thank goodness they can fax those scripts to the pharmacy!

I'm left handed and I print neatly 'cause I had to do symbolic variables in my math courses accurately. And, I had to hand it in so somebody else could read it.
My handwriting sucks. It looks like a chicken defecated on paper. it's slightly smaller than the type on this post and cramped together. My profs at med school got totally frustrated by my assignments.:) my hand also gets tremors when i'm writing lazily . When i focus on something it never does , but when i'm jotting down something absent mindedly , my handwriting looks like i wrote in a different language
You write so well! Get to typing..."chicken defecating on paper" Priceless. As you well know doctors scratch out perscriptions but it sounds like you're not in company here!When I'm jotting notes for my memoir, it reminds me of my new life...

Invitatation. Visit "The Creative Writing Page" Control Panel to the right. Social Groups> Member Groups. You'll find it. Cinnabar
I've grown to understand my Dr.s handwriting. But at harborview they print them out and then he signs them.
Having just being diagnosed recently at the age of 44 and coming from a job where I did a lot of writing I can say that my handwriting has been adversely affected. I have to concentrate to ensure my writing is legible. This is even worse if I am having partials while writing (very constant face/eye spasms) and my hand trembles (seizures or meds). Anyway, being diagnosed at middle age I can definitely state I see a connection.
This is Stace logging in under Bern's email. He's got it up while I'm trying to help Adam with his homework. Our son has strep throat.

With regards to my handwriting, it's beautiful. This only because my grandmother made me practice, practice, practice. I do have jerks on occasion, which make the page harder to read, or have a line straight through it. Otherwise, I have good handwriting. No one complains, and I even get compliments on occasion.

Love, Stace
i can't write in straight lines on blank paper . it starts out straight and slowly angles downward. My vertical margins tilt to one side. Anyone here have the same thing?
I cann't write on a blank piece of papaer like computer paper my writing will slowly go down hill as I write.
And I couldn't draw a straight line save my life.

onward and upward.

Mine goes uphill. I can't straighten it out, unless I have a piece of paper with dark lines on it in back of the blank paper.
One neurologist who gave a public presentation challenged the audience to use their non-writing hand just for the fun of it. It exercises the other side of the brain and it's very good for you. Frankly, I think there won't be much difference between my handwriting in either side of my brain, but I may try it again. It could be funny.

Also, for those of you who want to be challenged, try drawing an object upside down. It takes your visual non-logical side and does a pretty accurate image. The book 'Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain' uses this technique.
I can't write straight on a plain piece of paper either.My printing is ok though. I like to print.I am having a lot of petit mal seizures today so my writing is very sporadic.
Everyone complains I write so small! They can't see it!
And it's grown worse over the years!


Then there's the "Hand Issue Factor" ...

Even the Neuropsychologist got confused, first I was
writing with my left when I filled all the paperwork, then
come the tests, was writing with my right, then left,
bouncing back and forth, and she couldn't tell them
apart! They looked the same!

I've had Doctors having me write my name (Print and
Manuscript) with both hands - and they were unable
to tell which hand wrote which.

Even when I'm asked to draw, I use both hands, and
it's left them baffled. I've been closely observed and
to see if I was doing this intentionally or naturally, and
was informed everything I was doing was natural reaction
and wasn't intentional.

My handwriting fluctuates badly!

In School days - I've had to REWRITE multitudes of times
because Teachers did not like the way I wrote, and demanded
I rewrite everything down to be graded accordingly. I have
probably lost some poor trees in the forest because of this!


It was frustrating to the core! I've lost count of how many
times I've had to rewrite everything down, until finally, I got
into my mother's typewriter and began to type or used the
computer ('76 IBM with Epson Dot Matrix Printer) and began
typing instead of writing.


One of the major problems was "excessiveness" and "repetition"
and had a lot of difficulties getting to the point. I was excellent
in outlining but just could not make a thesis! A Journalism
Teacher finally worked with me on that severe handicap of mine.

While my vocabulary was rich, but it would not work with
common people, and I had to "back off" from using eloquent
and elaborate words that what a highly educated person would
understand but not a normal person.

While the comprehension was good, but the grammar issue
was hideous! *laughing* (Brain gone wild!) I still have problems
with grasping the grammatical issues.


EDIT and PROOFING are my Best Friends ...

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That is an accurate description of my writing abilities. (Penmanship, for all you word monkeys.)
I have never been able to write, yet I also have always had trouble typing.
I started the Phenobarb in first grade. By third grade, I started the Zarontin. My already bad writing took a turn for the worse.
Once I took myself off the drugs (teenage rebellious/suicidal thoughts with depression and frustration) I had to make a concerted effort to work on my writing. My typing skills, on the other hand is not so good. I have to look at what I am doing in order to type. This means that it is tough for me to read something and type, because I get lost.
I do best typing because it's rope learning. It's stuff I do over and over again. But when I came out of the coma I forgot how to type. I cryed so hard.
Hi, Stacey

My handwriting is mind bending. My fingers are slow bending, since my first episode. Like you, many people have commented on my beautiful handwriting. Even received best penmanship award in high school. Have been told that from a distance my handwriting looked like type.

Now, while my handwriting isn't "atrocious", it's as if it belongs to someone else. I'm hoping, in time, my hand will "relax" and become more agile and my "type style" will return! Never before was there an effort to "type write"! Now, I feel fortunate to be able connect the dots, so to speak. The aftermath of episodes are amazingly diverse.

I should really consider myself lucky. What torments me, in anticipation, is that "injuries" could cause more serious problems. But I thought "handwriting changes" a topic of interest. I always want to know I'm not alone with my issues. CWE has never failed me.

Nice to meet you! Hope you jump in more often! I'm sure you're busy but it would be nice to hear from other half! Have heard so much about you!

Yours Cinnabar
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