Has anyone actually done the G.A.R.D. diet?

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#1 How effective was it at controlling your seizures?

#2 Just curious did you find out if you have Celiac Disease?

#3 How difficult was it to eat foods that don't have Gluten or Casein?
I've been doing the GARD exclusively since May of 2008. I've had great success. I'm convinced that I am glutamate sensitive although that hasn't been proven. Now that my gut seizures as I used to call them are under control, I'm finding that I have sensory seizures in the manner of sensory hallucinations. I was never aware of these sensory problems when I was waking up on the edge of a seizure and, after a day of auras, going to bed feeling like a seizure was about to happen. For me, this is a huge improvement.

I've never discussed celiac with my supervising doc, since it's evident that glutamate, not just gluten, is the culprit for me. As an example, I have to really watch how much beef(which is high in gluten)I eat at a time. No more than 4 oz so no big steaks or large helpings of pot roast, which I love.

I was never a bread, cereal, pasta eater to begin with, so cutting that out of the diet was nothing to me. I loved yogurt, which I've given up completely. I still have a small serving of ice cream on special occasions which are very few and far between. Not a fan of gravies so nothing to give up there either.

As I've gone along on the GARD, I've found what Dogtor J calls secondary food problems. Can't eat bananas, oatmeal of any kind, mangos, papaya; seizure city if I do.
I have

done the GARD diet, and turned out to be a celiac. And yes, my seizures are even more well-controlled than they were before. :bigmouth: :bigsmile: No complaints here.

True, they found 2 more kinds of E, but that occurred about the time I became VERY ill, and the celiac truly waved its flags. Once it was brought back in line, the control was right back into place.

I'll grant you, it's not easy......but getting onto the celiac diet is easier once you've been on the GARD diet.

My whole body feels better. I don't know how else to explain it to you other than that. Even though I am going through some really nasty stuff in my personal life, my body feels great because the diet is the right one, and my seizures are being truly controlled. Even on the nights that I don't sleep particularly well, I'm still FINE.

I wish you luck!

starting the GARD diet

Hi, im just starting this diet and is very hard without support. Thats why im here. I hear some of you are very successfull with it. Im not big into bread, cheese, or milk either. I hate to give up homemade yogurt. I love that stuff. All proccessed foods, almost everything contains the forbidden foods.
There is coconut yogurt, and you might see if you have a reaction to organic goat yogurt. Just make sure neither one has additives. Or make it yourself.

The fresher the food the better. Go look at a produce section. Almost ALL of that is acceptable ... for most people making these changes.
Gard diet

Yes. Im having to learn to cook now. I should look at what I can have instead of foods I cant have. We dont have a wholefoods store here where I live. Maybe out of town. With me not being able to drive makes it hard to get there. But at least I now know where to go for support with this diet.:lol:
Many stores are beginning to carry products that are gluten free. If you find one you like, you can always ask your story to stock it. There are also online stores that you can purchase items.

I agree that a good positive attitude about what you can have rather than what you cant have is the best approach. There are some great cookbooks on the market for gluten and dairy free cooking. You might learn new ways to utilize herbs and spices to enhance your choices. Maybe also view it as a pioneer might have, in getting back to whole foods.... not Whole Foods Market ;D
GARD diet rolling on again


Thanks for responding to my posts. Its of Phylis that told me of this site. Im going shopping today. What should I do with the food that I have I shouldnt eat still in the house? I have frozen corn, dry milk, and a few canned foods. The canned I could probably find out where to donate it here in town. I had read that 90$ dark chocolate I can have. I tried it and do like the taste of it. I'll also try ordering some yogurt from online and also want to learn some baking recipies. My friend gave me 2 oatmeal cookie recipies that were good. She had made some for me once.
If you are serious about making the changes, you might have to dump some of the food items. Donating is of course my first choice, giving the other items away, or use them when you need to take a potluck item. Since other people aren't making the same choices, it is a way to use them up. At times I feel guilty doing that, but then again, why give my "special foods" away if it isn't appreciated.

I have thrown out foods, and now have no problem dumping that which I know will make us feel yucky. I actually feel that way today after eating some of the food brought to the family Thanksgiving meal yesterday. I should have been more careful. I have found my body is more sensitive as I get further and further away from the refined foods I use to eat.
When I said 90$ chocolate, I meant 90% dark chocolate. I would never pay 90 $ for chocolate.:lol:
what do I do when I just get this strong urge to eat something I really shouldnt be? I just couldnt stay away from soda and popcorn today.
You say, tomorrow begins a new day, and I am going to take one hour at a time.
Make sure you have easy healthy options available, so you don't grab the quick unhealthy fix.
Don't get down on yourself -- it's normal to "slip up" when adjusting your diet in a significant way. It can take time to establish new habits, and to feel the connection between those habits and the health benefits they bring. When you get a craving, try to take a moment to note the time of day -- if that seems to be a particularly vulnerable time, then you can be prepared with healthy snacks. And while you're writing, put down why you are doing the diet and why it's important to stick to it -- just putting pen to paper can strengthen your resolve. The next time you feel the craving, read what you've written.

One more thing -- if you can, avoid keeping the soda and the popcorn in the house in the first place. That's what works for me. :)
I just love the taste of yogurt and am looking online for a nondairy yogurt. I heard coconut yogurt is good. Does anyone know of a whebsite that I can buy it?
I haven't had coconut yogurt, but I can recommend coconut kefir. I get it at my local Whole Foods. Kefir isn't the same as yogurt, but is a close cousin (and it's good and good for you!) You can also get coconut kefir on Amazon, and/or search for other vendors for it using Google. And you can make it at home using a starter kit (also available form Amazon).
will power

I tell you it is very difficult when going out to eat.Wanting to order something I shouldnt, when my boyfriend says, just order it. What do I say? He seems to think it isnt doing any good. Well I havent done it long enough to know if it will. I can just kick his but for saying that, and my own but for going ahead and ordering it.
What if you had a peanut allergy, or stomach distress immediately afterwards. Would you really care what anyone thought.

Now if you are sitting at the table debating outloud whether or not you should have something, it would seem that you are encouraging the dialog and what the "okay" to have that which you have your eye on. Yet if you felt terrible later, would your eyes just glance over the item, and move on to more healthy choices.

Sounds like you need to sit down with your BF and have a heart to heart. Why he would discourage something that is a viable option for many, and certainly in the long run only can improve your (and his) overall health is hard to figure out. Yet, this isn't about him, it is your choice, and that needs to be honored. He needs to support you in whatever choice you make. Yet you need to not use him to sabotage your efforts, and then blame him for doing so. I would suggest you just not get into the conversation, and make the decision as to what you will have without his input.

You can also ask the kitchen to make something for you the way you want it made. Many are accomodating. There are also a growing number of restaurants that have separate menus, and that way you can each order what you want, without it being an issue.

I think from your one statement "Wanting to order something I shouldn't" proves that you need to have a conversation with yourself prior to eating out. Look online at a restaurants menu, and decide before you go what you will have. You can also call in advance and ask questions. Just flat out say you have an allergy to these foods. Or perhaps for a few months, you eat in. Learn some incredible dishes that you would much rather eat. You need to have a contract with your self, because the world for the most part does not understand how nutrition plays a HUGE role in mental and physical health.

I apologize if I have come off as too strong on the subject, but I have dealt with many of these issues, and feel very protective of these choices. Plus, nutritional changes are what have returned my daughter's quality of life back to her. Seizure free, med free for seven months.
yes, you are right

yes Robin,

You are so right. What if it were a peanut allergy. :lol: Im real good when im at home, I tossed all forbidden foods. Ill go day by day or hr by hr . OH Cheez. Ill just have to remember how much better i'll feel. Now I have the consiquence of haven eaten it, the following day. Oh Cheez.:dontknow:
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