Has anyone actually done the G.A.R.D. diet?

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was a diet disaster for me. With the traditional foods and desserts that make us sick. I have issues with yeasts, and my thyroid. Seizures are few and far between, but no doubt diet makes a difference. I felt literally ill and ran down after the locust act I did on the buffet. I notice there is a kindling affect on my appetite, eating bad warrants more eating bad. My sleep was disturbed, more than usual, and I noticed dark circles under my eyes, and more nocturnal teeth grinding. Over all a bad experiment! Not that I am more catholic than the pope on avoiding processed foods, but I do try to pay attention to my choices. My husband is a bad eater, and he does not see my reasoning when it comes to elimination of chemicals, which is more due in part to his denial about his weight. Deprivation pops into his head when I talk about eating good. It is just the two of us at home, so we engage in a tug of war on what to buy at the store - opposite ends of the spectrum. For now I fight staying on the eat healthy bandwagon for myself. :bigsmile:
my parents told me that if I wanted to eat sheep or goat cheese and gluten free bread that I would have to buy it myself. Thats not right to do. Even chocolate or cookies without milk or gluten, I would have to buy some if I wanted. Everyone else gets to eat what they want, its not fair. Its like them telling me, I cant have any, tough luck, we wont give you any.Yea im lucky I found where I can buy sheep/goat milk, even coconut milk.
I'm sorry your parents aren't more understanding, but sometimes people are too set in their ways and there's nothing you can do. How about making some gluten-free brownies (even Betty Crocker has a gluten-free mix), and bringing them for your parents to try? They taste just as good as "regular" brownies. Maybe your parents will learn that gluten-free can be easy and delicious.

my father says my diet is crazy and makes no sense. I gave him the web site that explains it. But he wont look it up. I dont think my mother seems too concerned about what I can or cant eat. She says, good then now you will eat more veggies and will be healthier, she says. I agree.

I did buy myself some sheeps cheese, gluten free bread, coconut milk. Im going to make some gluten free oatmeal cookies. They are delicious. I have made them before, and im going to make some and bring them when we all get together.

90% Dark dairy free chocolate I also bought, and hope that it is ok to eat. . So now I have gotten something for myself. I sure hope that sheep milk cheese is better than goat milk. I havent tried either, but I figure it probably does.

I have read that all beans are not allowed in this diet. Is that true?

My father said, well with all those foods you cant eat, then what can you eat? I tell him almost all veggies, gluten free grains, and fruits. That is a lot already.


Is kefir made from kefir grains raised on cows milk ok for me to eat on GARD diet, or is it only in goats, and sheeps milk?
christmas meal


The Christmas meal went ok. I did bring my own gluten free bread and goat milk cheese. Its amazing how fast the excess wait slid off, after not snacking on unhealthy foods. Its getting easier to avoid the forbidden foods. I no longer stand in front of one of those foods thinking, I want that so bad. If I want to snack, I grab some fruit or raw veggies and munch on them. I got rid of those foods I should stay away from. My boyfriend no longer says, just go ahead and order it. He even now knows of what I shouldnt eat, and respects that. Though I still have seizures, im still hopefull that it will help. It really frustrates me, having the seizures, as many as I have. My mother asks me when I see her, if the diet is helping. I told her last night, that it will often take months to see good results.
schnegg, you might have luck checking out marksdailyapple. com, a site with information about a primal-type diet, which, like the gard diet, cuts out grains, junk food, etc.
The site has good information about the positive effects of cutting out grains & sugars. Stuff you could maybe share with your parents and boyfriend. Even if removing gluten/glutamate/aspartate and processed foods doesn't help your seizures immediately, there are a lot of other positive effects on your health...and you might be able to convince your family and friends to join you!
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I m glad that you are finding the choices easier to make. I also believe that our loved ones are curious about the diet, and also question whether they in your situation could be as strong.

I will think good thoughts, that your seizure threshold will raise over time.
special treats


One thing that I have found difficult , is when I want something different thats not getting old. Like for example, there is only 1 type of chocolate im allowed, limited nuts, limited dry fruit, and thats without any sugar or coating. Also limited yogurt, as there are only 3 kinds. 2 are not found yet here or out of town. vegatables, limited ways of flavoring it, especially if making 1 servings at time, coz other wise I will eat all I make. so I cook 3 x day. Limited ways of making salads, or meats. Yesterday, I hated being on this diet. With all the chocolate around, for valentines, my boyfriend wants to give me something and doesnt know what. He respects my diet and no longer says I should, just do it., meaning just eat some. I dont know what suggestions I could give him for valentines. Any hep?

How would I get enough fiber in my diet without eating beans? I would have to eat an awful lot of fruits and veggies to get the required amount. How would I be able to eat that much?

I checked out if any grocery store carried turtlemountain yogurt. They dont, and there is no online order. In feb. I will check out of town. I do like the goat yogurt. That I also cant buy it here, but I know where I can . Out of town. About 45 min. drive.
I'm not very familiar with the G.A.R.D. diet, but was wondering if anyone who is a vegetarian has tried it with any success?

I don't eat eggs or any kind of dairy products of any origin.

I've been tested and don't have any kind of food intolerances, so was wondering if I would benefit from the diet?

Any input would be appreciated!

I know I am way late for this, but... Most extra premium grade dark chocolates do not contain sugar. These are usually the bars that have over 90% cacao. Look on the label for the contents. That's the only way to tell for sure. I've found a couple of brands at Trader Joe's that don't contain sugar.

And for the vegetarians out there.... I'm not on the GARD diet. I depend on lots of soy and wheat gluten in my diet for protein. I suppose a person could switch over to seeds, quinoa, etc. to get their daily protein needs met, but look how much of them you'd have to eat!
Quinoa: 5 cups
CHia seeds: 10 oz dry (that's almost 4 cups reconstituted with water or cooked)
Sesame seeds: 2 cups
Peanut Butter: 3/4 cup

Whew! That's a lot of eating! There has to be better options out there.

If someone eats dairy, they could use whey powder.

With the GARD diet

I eat everything except anything that is made from soy, corn, MSG, beans, gluten grains, and dairy. That leaves almost all processed foods. I read ALL labels. I make most my meals from scratch. It is getting easier to do this diet as I find new foods.

I think I used to do a diet similar to this when I lived at home and didnt have to worry about making meal choices. I had success with it. When I got to college, I didnt stick to it and my problems got worse again. Im desperate so im very willing to give up some foods to have my seiz better controlled. I just dont keep any proccessed foods in the house. I have slipped up 2 x , but its only coz I had the forbidden foods in the house. That was a mistake. Im lucky that im the only one I have to cook for. Im single and am well enough to live on my own, though I have dailly seiz. I have simple partial, complex partial, and an atonic seiz.
Thanks for the replies...

I think it would be tough for me to do this since I rely heavily on wheat and soy as well as sources of protein in my diet although I do love nuts and seeds of all kinds! I would probably starve to death if I didn't have my grains...

I'll look into some of the other alternative therapies.
The low glycemic and modified Atkins diets ARE possible. I'm vegan at home and stick to those diets , more or less. :)

there are other sources of grains, besides wheat. Some of them are millet, red and white quinoa, buckwheat, teff grain, oatmeal. You can also buy quinoa flakes, rice noodles, gluten free bread mix, "Pamela's bread mix" is my favorite. Yes, you can bake without wheat. My favorite dessert baking book is "The allergen free bakers hand book".

There is also icecreams available made with ricemilk, or coconut milk.

And ,yes you can still have your sandwiches. A little hint, pre made gluten free bread, is dry. The best is homemade from pamelas bread mix. It contains all the ingrediants, just bake it up. Its nice and moist. I havent tried any of the others but, im sure there are other good ones out there.

Most of these grains you can also buy in flours. So yes, you can bake using them. It took some looking through many books at the book store to find 1 or two that had good reviews, and that ALL the recipies didnt contain the forbidden foods and not just a few.

You can also buy coconut milk and coconut flour. It took a bit looking online to find what I can eat. There is a whole lot more than you think.

If you are worried about milk, then sheeps milk, rice milk, goats milk are possible. There are many brands yogurt and cheese that are made without cows milk. Like, coconut kefir, coconut yogurt, coconut milk, goat milk yogurt, and sheeps yogurt. You would be supprised how delicious they are.

If you like dark chocolate, then I have found 85 % and 90 % dark chocolate is allowd. It contains no milk. In the store World Market, they also have some dark chocolat that has a filling in it, like rasberry or vanilla. I just buy the dark plain. I like it.

Yes I have found a cereal that I can eat.

There are a few gluten free baking books that dont use corn, wheat, soy, milk.

Im excited, about trying new foods. Yes, I get discouraged at times, but im usually ok with this diet. I just have to stick my nose into some more cook books and cook using those recipies.
Gard meal plans

anyone know I can get weekly meal plans? I dont know how to decide weekly meal plans to meat daily food requirements.

I am new here and looking for information / support with GARD. I will try to search the forum but I would appreciate any other hints / leads anyone can offer.

I am finding myself very glutamate sensitive and already have given up MSG and am pretty gluten, dairy (milk), corn and soy free but I am finding an increase in pain from what are probably free glutamates I eat - the legumes (peas and peanuts) are triggers I think and my symptoms is fairly intense left sided facial pain.
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