Has anyone actually done the G.A.R.D. diet?

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forbiden holiday foods

what do I say to family that fix by accident only forbiden foods and have no dessert that I can eat? I will try to remind them the day before. But what is there in dessert that im allowed to eat in the GARD diet?
We usually have fish, a variety of cheese and bread. Should I fix my own dish should I, and bring it?
I understand that problem schnegg.

Your first question is yes that is on the "okay" list. In fact coconut is good for your GI system.

I think most of the time you will have to take a little desert for yourself. You might even take one to share, and try new things so others will be encouraged to try them. I know we take brownies, and cookies, and muffins. Another good thing if you enjoy it, is some fruit sorbets (not sherbets or gelato). There are also coconut milk ice creams which taste great scooped over a square of gluten free brownie. My daughter loves mango sorbet. Sweet potato with brownsugar and ghee (or pure butter if it doesn't bother you) is a sweet holiday favorite of mine. Fresh fruit, especially those that I don't typically eat are always a treat.

I think the best is to make it fun, and make your additional treats an interesting alternative. It can become a tradition, and you might see others prefer it over time.
GARD allowed desserts


Its hard to know what to fix. I mean, yes there is the main meal which is pretty easy. Gluten free grain, veggies, and meats. Most cook books have many dishes that im allowed to eat. Its the desserts that is a challenge.

I was at the bookstore to look for a book on desserts. I found one that im going to buy. It doesnt need all the different combinations of grains, potato flour and also ingredients I have never heard of. This one uses brown rice flour, ricemilk, potato starch, xanthum gum, and tapioca starch. It states that xanthum gum is made from corn. Am I allowed that?
I dont have dessert very often at all, just every now and then. Why do you ask?
I was not aware at first how often (Rebecca especially) was having something sweet when I began analyzing our nutritional choices. I believe it over time it tipped her over the edge into the blood sugar issue she now deals with. Keeping a journal of how often, gave me the strength to make some changes in our meal planning.

I was curious because you have expressed that it is important to you.

There is alternative medical belief that the increase in sugar, and foods converted to sugar in the system, are at the root of our health problems.

Our ancestors, if we consider looking at that nutritional approach, rarely had sweets. It was rare and treasured. Fruit was even scarce.

I think we have tipped the scale in our need for something sweet. I think it is helpful to go for an minimum period of time (3 months) without sugar to lose the addiction.
So, you do not have dessert at all? How can I do that? It will be hard, because I found that I will overeat in something else in order to satisfy the craving for something sweet.

What then do you suggest I do then? Not have anything sweet? I already have to give up alot, to do this diet. I first want to give up major foods I want to avoid, before I give up sweets. Give me an example of your meals in a day.

I have oatmeal or egg for breakfast. Fish, rice or other grains, with a salad of greens or spinach. Fruit for snack. Dinner usually leftover. \

This whole thing is so new to me. Its easy if you have a parent cook for you and not worry about wat we will have to eat for the week. There has to be something that I can replace foods I cant have.

another question, I know I have alot but, is flaxseed allowed or sesame seed. I know seeds are not. I thought I would ask anyway. thanks I did good yesterday and today and didnt cheat on food.
I use them both. However, I have recently bought ground flaxseed. I don't believe the sesame is being broken down and absorbed.
It is recommended that you stick with tree nuts to begin with.
Lugumes such as peanuts, and cashews (the tasty ones) are off limits to begin with.

Almonds are almost all pasturized now, so many are recommending staying away from them. (my fave)
Pecans and Walnuts (in the shape of the brain) are also good for brain health.
Go for unroasted unsalted - raw nuts.

That is my understanding.
Others might disagree
I have stayed away from forbiden foods and there are no changes in my seiz. number. I sure hope that it will. It is getting easier for me to stat away from the bad foods. Im glad I found a grocery store in town that carries the coconut yogurt. I have not tried it yet, but am excited.
It can take a while (months) to see changes, so be patient, there's still hope that the diet will help!
Hi Nakanova, Hope I spelled your name right.:p I think that I have a similar diet when I still lived at home, and when I went to college I didnt stick to it. Well, I ate what I should not have and the seiz. got worse. I was reducingmeds after seiz. got better while still living at home. Back then I didnt have to worry about fixing the meals. I'll just have to stick with it and wait ans see. Who in your family has seiz?
I'm the one with seizures in my family. I haven't tried the gluten-free diet, because right now my seizures are controlled by a relatively low-dose of meds. But if/when I next consider going off of my meds, changing my diet would be part of the plan.
christmas meal

what should I do during christmas meal when parents have sausage , cheese, and bread? I could ask them if they would buy me some cheese made without cows milk, glutem free bread, and I dont know if you can buy sausage without the forbidden foods. I dont know if they will go out of town to get those things
Can you bring the foods yourself? Don't now what your options are, but both Whole Foods and some regular supermarkets near me carry lots of plenty of goat/sheep cheeses, and gluten-free breads, including things like bagels and rolls in the freezer section.

There's a brand of sausage available in Whole Foods, and elseswhere -- Applegate Farms. All their sausages are gluten-free, and all are dairy-free except the Spinach & Feta flavor.
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