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tuiaoobcmldbdse = discombobulated

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I gave up too! Screamy needs to put us out of our suspense...
Sorry ladies, thats a word my hubby gave me a while back, should not have been online the way i was feeling that night, so, it is not a word, or a word off by a letter, let me start again....

The only word I can make out of it is: sdfdnceeerhua = schadenfreude???

= German meaning something like gaiety, cheerfulness or joyfulness

next: ractilamygam
ractilamygam = grammaticaly

next: varitleneat
I got to Interesting, but still have a N and a U.

Uninteresting? Is that a word...?

next: vangkingthis
vangkingthis = thanksgiving

next: hifdetullg
Uninteresting! Real word... it is an adjective

hifdetullg = delightful

next: opioettnirraspdo
opioettnirraspdo = disproportionate (I'm sure that is a word ;))

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