bcnapioahharo = arachnophobia!

next: nosghioritolt

:D Once i got the "gist" then the "tholo" the rest was easy lol.

Next word - rtyhcetyoer

This one should be pretty tough :O
rtyhcetyoer = erythrocyte! (got lucky with that one)

next: trebeglline
Aw i thought i'd done so well with that one too!


New word - ticdaeluoan
ablkodarw = boardwalk

next: reldcoioc
iesyndt = density. Or destiny!

Next: prmeectnea

Edited cos i got a letter wrong >.<
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oiolabemut = Automobile :D

New word - otneoslmn

And on that note, sleepy time for me!
otneoslmn = somnolent (sweet dreams Lou!)

New Word: ioredstacen
The word I was thing of was "considerate"! But desecration works too -- bonus points for you Lou!

claekepmtar = marketplace

new word: eniewritv
rebelcindi = incredible

next: resanweas
ilosemutasun = simultaneous

next: itunusorti
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