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I didn't mean to be a bully at all... so I am gonna take that as a joke...

I really did not know for sure whether uninteresting is a correct English word, it could have been an incorrect answer from me. Dutch is my first language and my English words might be wrongly chosen. The word disproportionate I do know, this was meant as a joke, just as the winking smiley explains.

So please take no offense where there was no wrong meant.
Originally Posted by Screamy :

Next: gyleicylbubnr
I'm guessing this is more than one word. I can get one but not the other.
Gach óir is é sin nach glitter...

it looks like your Gaelic signature :) :banana:
it looks like your Gaelic signature :) :banana:

Lol you have a point! How you know my signature isn't really an anagram then?

Also, i just spent ages looking at your avatar waiting for it load!
(No, it really isn't, lol)
Since i can't get Screamy's can i just do another one lol?

heugcbrerees = cheeseburger! (now I'm hungry...)

new word:
Okay first I came up with "digaburger" (I'm still hungry :)).
And then "irrabugged", as in irritated and bugged at the same time.

But then I had a brainflash (and remembered that Lou likes birds): budgerigar!

Next word: kedccslinta
Candlestick? That one was hard!

Haha and good thinking with the budgie :p

New word - coblidilaa

I couldn't think of words so got my dad to come up with one lol
why, that's utterly diabolical of you and your dad...

next word:
Teeheehee motorcycle!

Takes me ages to work these, out, sitting with a pen and paper lol. Long words are hard!

Next word - tabrydius
tabrydius = a dirty bus. And absurdity! That was a tough one, I had to go for a walk and mull it over.

next word: unetrveeaj

Rejuvenate? I had to look up the spelling of that one to be sure. I think i may have pulled my thinking muscles! >.<

New word - pnisselees
poeazilog = apologize. :)

next: decpatce

NEXT: mydecmo

Ok i've been puzzling over this for ages and still haven't got it :ponder: Anyone else? If there was only one M it could be Comedy....
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Well it's been a few days, perhaps we should come up with a new one lol

New word - bcnapioahharo
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