Sick note: Faking illness online

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personally i hate the little screwballs who try to make stuff up and get sympathy on forums like this because i end up getting flack for being on here bc the love of my life has epilepsy and people think im makin it up because of these little dicks who cant get real sympathy from real freinds
When I was a youngster I claimed I hated somebody. My Dad made me look it up in the dictionary. It changed my use of the word forever.
look i know what the deffinition of hate is (intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury b : extreme dislike or antipathy) and that basically sums up what i feel for the fakes in the world who think none of it effects others so u may think you know i dont hate them but deep down i do and if that makes me a bad person then oh well
I mean you no harm or offense, and this will be the last I mention this. But, I still wish you'd Google the word. Wiki may not be the most authorative source in the world, but they directly quote several very respected sources and dictionaries, and I really do doubt you wish anyone physical harm or murder. I just know you're a far better person than that.

Again, I understand your extreme upset at these people and I share that with you. They just aren't Hitler or Eichman. They're morons to be sure, but they are far more sick in the head than they are evil. Hatred harms the hater much more than the hated.

Respectfully and sincerely,
Oh good grief motorbill!! He doesn't want or need your advice.

Yea, people that fake illness online suck. I hope karma finds it's way and bites them in their ass.
that's terrible i don't know what would get someone to do something like that are u really that unhappy.and i agree with rae i hate all the people on you tube who fake seizures it really ticks me off like there mocking us maybe a little emotional about it.
There is an episode of This American Life where they interview a woman with this disorder. She had been banned from all hospitals in the UK and was about to die from all the unnecessary surgeries she had had. It's important to remember that the illness she had was very serious - we underplay psychological illness or pretend that it is just a personal failing of the patient/victim ('victim' is not necessarily an inappropriate term, unlike epilepsy, prognosis is bad for psychosomatic disorders) but it is just as real as what we experience in many ways.
This whole Munchausen's thing puts me a bit on edge. Do I have to worry about the Spanish inquisition here?I was thinking I could just relax and not worry to much about being judged but now I am not is everyone looking at everyone else wondering if they actually have epilepsy? is that what's going on on this board?

I can make it easy for everyone. I don't need or WANT emotional support. I am coping with this through courage and i view it as a unique opportunity to confront the precarious nature of my own mortality. I don't see how any of us can cope, with courage (which is precisely what we all have to do now whether we like it or not) if our emotional resources are divided because half of them go to feeding our own character susceptibilities to paranoia?

I don't think some list of things to look for is going to help identify Münchausen syndrome. More to the point if you folks have been hit with trolls in the past and then you are getting Münchausen syndrome scares, how has it not occurred to anyone that the scare might just be more trolling?

Sorry if i am out of line here I'm just kind of blunt, i don't have any extra to deal with BS.
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No, everyone here does not think that everyone else here has munchausens. This was posted just to let people know that it is out there, it is real and it does appear on message boards like this a lot.

In the years i've been here i've never seen someone be ostracised or even accused of faking their symptoms or epilepsy.
it illness in itself....these people want some form of acceptnes
I was able to fake having epilepsy so well that I started having seizures.

oooops :)
that would be strangely fitting as a punishment. if we could induce epilepsy in people who pretend to have it and don't......mmmmm smells like justice.
This whole Munchausen's thing puts me a bit on edge. Do I have to worry about the Spanish inquisition here?I was thinking I could just relax and not worry to much about being judged but now I am not is everyone looking at everyone else wondering if they actually have epilepsy? is that what's going on on this board? ...

Please see this thread for a more in depth explanation:

and this post specifically:
Folks, this topic exists here not to accuse any CWE members, but as a reminder to all that these things do happen. Hopefully, no one has a seizure because of stress from strong emotions (sadness/sympathy/etc.) over what's posted in the forums - especially if it comes at the hands of someone who is disingenuous.

We do a good job weeding out the hooligans and trolls, but it could take longer to expose a Munchausen case, so it's healthy to keep a little bit of emotional separation between yourself and your internet only acquaintences.
it not hard to see fakers...most of us come on forums to share experience seek advice learn somethings not be judged by others and bit of downtime with other people that we got that thread with each other....i been here short time but boy have i learned few things and i not alone others have odd things like me so i not as odd as i thought i was....i kept many things to myself but relief others are same..
What I don't get, but I know people do this... but what I don't get is how I. The world can anyone fake a TC siezure? I mean wow! Who can bite through their own tongue like that consciously? And stiffen every muscle freely? Perhaps they think uneducated people would buy into it, but if you have TC's you can tell.. or if you care for one. When I have one I bite my tongue so hard I'm surprised its still intact, there is blood, I stiffen every muscle and bang my head extremely hard... my partner said I almost broke their hand... I can't walk... I would think that would be hard to a f out thoroughly... but I know people do their best.... that's sad
Oops I'm o. My phone and didn't see my mess up... at the end it was suppose to
say act out
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