worried about tomorrow

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had a minor seizure last night, lasted about 5 seconds @ 930pm gave me a minor migraine woke up this morning had a wicked migraine and is now a dull throb but is still bugging the heck outta me, my back is still hurting me, my head is still fuzzy and after everything I've been through with neuro #1 worried about what 2nd opinion neuro #2 will say even with my journal and my wife will have to say tomorrow @ 2pm any thoughts on things I should bring up since MRI's and EEG'S and AEEG'S all came back clear but since the additon of keppra with my topamax my seizures reduced to almost nil?
Have had 9 seizures in 27 days which is a huge reduction from what I was having before, if my #1 neuro was to up my dose I'm pretty sure my seizures would reduce but he's not willing to do anything with meds or anything till after I meet with the new epi on the 25th.
But any thoughts on what I should bring up or say to the neuro tomorrow would be awesome.

Thanks everyone!

It's normal to be worried -- these docs can have a major influence on our quality of life! But the main thing is to be clear about what you most want to communicate. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that may be that your symptoms have responded well to the Keppra, and that this seems to indicate that they are epileptic in nature.

If you are worried about forgetting something, write it down. It can help to practice telling someone ahead of time, especially if you're nervous. And start with the basic premise that the neurologist is there to help you and collaborate with you on your health. Hopefully you won't be disappointed!
I just dont want to be jerked around again by yet another doctor and I dont know if you saw my post in another section naka yesterday about my denial and what caused a seizuere yesterday.
But thanks naka for everything. I've just been a wreak lately
and thanks everyone as well thanks been helping out as well!
you've been wonderful!
Yes, the denial of benefits is disheartening, but don't let it take away from the real progress you've made in getting some measure of seizure control.
now I wait for going before an ALJ and having to do a mass appointment soon before the meeting and hope I get somewhere and hope that it'll make a difference otherwise I may end up in a place that will not allow me to be able to see my kids (and no I'm not talking suicide) I'd never do that to myself I may be in pain but would never do that to my kids since I cant work I cant make money (cant pay child support and the CS system in MN alreday told me once they wont make any adj to it and going to appeal again this summer but I hope it makes a difference but if doesnt I'm in big trouble)
And then the stress from that I know will be a huge trigger and I'm trying to keep that thought as far from my mind as possible but it's always there but I'm trying to keep posistive for me and my kids to be seizure (less?) as possible and thanks to the thoughts and support on here I've been able to keep an even keel and know that I can vent and talk through and get a thought process on how to talk to my docs aout whats going on and try to make sense of whats going on.

Thank you everyone yet once again,
sorry for the rant and rambling,
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