1. Dolores

    The Controversy over Generic Antiepileptic Drugs

    I came across this article on The Controversy over Generic Antiepileptic Drugs. (Sorry if someone else has posted it) I found it very interesting in that they actually talk about the problem of bioequivalence (or lack thereof) between generics vs brand-name drugs (generics can be within 80% to...
  2. P

    [News] Late breaking news! Keppra xr goes generic!

    MORRISTOWN, N.J., Sept. 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ Watson Laboratories, Inc. has confirmed today that it has launched Levetiracetam Extended-Release 500 mg and 750 mg tablets – the generic version of Keppra XR® – following approval of the Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) by the U.S. Food and...
  3. travel bug

    Brand name Keppra v. generic

    I know everyone's response to meds is different, but I still wondered if anyone has been on Keppra and then switched to the generic version. When it was first available I didn't bother making the switch because there wasn't enough difference in price to make it worth risking the change; for a...
  4. E

    zonegran-generic versus namebrand

    i am currently taking the generic of this drug zonegran. but i still have breakthrough seizures at 200mg. i am wondering if i switch to the namebrand if the outcome will be the same, i had this problem on generic topamax along with headaches. does anyone else have problems taking the generic...
  5. N

    [News] Generics vs. brand-name meds

    Article in today's New York Times about generic meds vs. the brand-name versions: In the article, it mentions that insurers argue -- surprise, surprise -- that generics are the same as the brand-name versions. But: [Two studies...
  6. Cint

    [Info] Congress To FDA: Review Generic Epilepsy Meds

    From Pharmalot website: [/I]
  7. batman


    With the help of, I came across an article, titled ‘Pharmacists may be switching your meds’. I don’t know how long the article will remain online, so hopefully, for those of you who are reading this posting will be able to read the article. While reading over the article I started to...
  8. batman

    Pharmacists may be switching your meds

    Laws allow substitution of generic drugs without patient knowledge By Richard Laliberte When you hand a pharmacist a prescription, you expect to get the medication your doctor ordered. But because of a perfectly legal loophole in rules that govern how drugs are dispensed, you may not — and the...
  9. W

    new comapany is making my meds.

    In three days I will start taking meds made from a new company, atleast new to me. I take carbamazepine 200mgs once daily made by CARACO. They are small pink pills. I will soon start taking the same name same mgs but now made by APOTEX. The pills look exactly like asprin. Carpbamazepine is...
  10. G

    moving from generic to brand name

    Does anyone know of any problems with moving from generic zonisamide to Zonigran? I've been having breakthrough seizures and I think they're due to the variation of dosages by varying manufactures...any ideas? Thanks guys....
  11. L

    Generic Drugs

    My 14-year-old son has been on Keppra for nearly 2 years (seizure free). Now that a generic form has come out, our insurance will only pay for the meds if we switch him to generic. I think this is absolutely crazy to switch him and risk a breakthrough seizure. It is so hard to find a med that...
  12. chinchillachic18

    generic keppra

    has anyone taken Levetiracetam? I really dont want to take it because i have ALOT of doubts about this medicine..this may sound paranoid, but i dont trust it. My mom picked it up for me today because they wouldnt give me keppra unless i got another letter from my doctor..and the bottle says "no...
  13. dfwtexas

    Night time seizures?

    Christmas day will be 4 months seizures free, but I am afraid I am having seizures while I am asleep. A couple of months ago, I had 2 mornings when I woke up with bad headaches, but nothing else. In the past week, I have 4 mornings that I wake up with the bad headache, my arms/shoulders are sore...
  14. BIGMAN131307

    Protecting Epilepsy Patients

    Protecting Epilepsy Patients This can be causing us all problems. :( The doctors should all band together with us. Then we can take on the insurance companies & pharmacists.
  15. BuckeyeFan

    question about the new GENERIC Keppra (Levetiracetam)

    I just found out yesterday that the USA has approved a generic form of Keppra. I found out when the price of my brand name skyrocketed and the generic was offered for $18 (90 day supply). The brand name is now about $250, where I used to pay $135. So this is good news IF the generic is...
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