1. A

    Switching from Tegretol to Lamictal

    Hello everyone, I recently went to my neurologist for my yearly examination and I had some labs done. I am currently taking Tegretol XR 500 mg 2 x daily. When my doctor took my labs he found out that my liver enzymes were increased and as a result he said that he wanted to switch my...
  2. Bernard

    Lamotrigine patent expires this month

    Treatment for epilepsy: generic lamotrigine I'm not sure if this is going to be similar to the situation with Dilantin and generic phenytoin, but if you are taking it, it's probably best to get your prescriptions set to proprietary Lamictal until the generics are proven to be equivalent...
  3. Bernard

    lamotrigine, epilepsy drugs and birth defects

    Newer Epilepsy Drug Cuts Risk of Birth Defects -
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