1. C

    Lamictal Rash

    Does anyone know what a lamictal rash looks like?
  2. davis85


    I am 46 years old and had my second seizure on Monday. My first seizure was a grand mal seizure on the floor of a Las Vegas casino 4 years ago. I was alone in my kitchen when I had my seizure on Monday but evidence suggests that it was also a grand mal seizure. The one common factor between...
  3. AlmostaCowgirl

    Have you suffered memory loss from taking Neurontin?

    I was at the age of 5 when I was diagnosed with seizures. It was always unclear as to exactly what was causing my seizures until about 6 years ago, which I found out was a Venous Angioma. Unfortunately it is in the left side of my brain and right behind my left eye. So it's inoperable or if I...
  4. brain

    Titration up and Titration down - UPDATE

    My Neurologist is going to take a shot at it: Titration slowly reduced on Zonegran Titration slowly increased on Lamictal While the Clonazepam and Folic Acid remains unchanged... He's going to see how it works from there. Hmmm .... this ought to be interesting! *laughing*
  5. T

    Lamictal and Anger

    I have been taking Lamictal for only a couple of months I am still increasing my doses currently. I started taking 600 mg's today and I am noticing that I am getting angry at stupid things that don't really matter that much. Has anyone noticed similar side effects while taking this med?
  6. joan

    ok lamictal experts : )

    Please put on your thinking caps.. My daughter has myolconics and only the one grand mal so far, she has JME like her brother, we think .. Welcome to the world of E.... Shes only on lamictal a few weeks and only at 175 mg a day. She said this week she is very over sensitive to noise. That if...
  7. J

    Switch Lamictal - Lyrica. Feelin' weird :)

    I'm still having complex partial seizures after my gran-mal last november (2007). I'm on tegretol as my base med, but have been on abotu 4 different meds to try and control the partials...which don't seem to want to be controlled. So I've been on lamictal for about 3 months, and we've switched...
  8. BuckeyeFan

    Leaving Keppra = Starting Lamictal

    OK, big time nervous here! :paperbag::huh::tdown::dontknow: Due to several issues, I am going to start to ramp down off Keppra and be started on Lamictal as of today. It will take 5 weeks to ramp up on Lamictal to 200 mg per day. I don't know if it will go higher after that. The Keppra has...
  9. A

    new to forum, taking lamictal

    Hi, my name is Adriana, and I'm new to this site. Some background information first... I've been taking Lamictal since 20 December 2007. I started taking Topamax in Oct 2003, but I began having problems with breakthrough seizures following a bilateral native nephrectomy in April 2006. I am a...
  10. Lil 1

    New - Canada, Lamictol, Tonic Clonic

    Hi. I am from Canada (Saskatchewan). I found this site because I am just starting the process of switching from tegratol to lamictol. I have not had a seizure in a year and a half, but when I do they are tonic clonic.
  11. L

    Lucii - does anyone take lamictal??

    hi my names lucy.. im 19 years old.. i have only had 2 seizures and my last one was a year ago.. however im gettin every side effect goin with my tablets.. my doctor wont change them though because they are working.. but event my joints are becomin affected now.. i cant walk without my ankles...
  12. J


    Hi, the new doc that I saw today that my Reg doc wanted me to see (not my neurologist though), gave me a sample bottle of lamictal and wants me to start taking it today, along with the 15mg of diazepam I take. Its a low dose to start, just 25mg's. Anyone here taking this? I am so.... drug...
  13. E

    New Here with a ? about sleep anxiety.

    Hello! I'm new here in this forum, I have had seizures for 32 yrs. now. Since I have been 3 yrs. old, I just want to ask if anyone has a phobia of sleeping alone? You see, I don't have trouble falling asleep, it's just the fact that my eyes always opens between 3:00 to 4:00a.m. Why I don't know...
  14. mooselips

    Update med changing to Lamictal

    Hi all, Hopefully you all kind of know the travailing story of my husband who was diagnosed with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy last November, and prescribed 100mg. Dilantin 3 X a day. Up til then, he had 2 seizures. Well, he had another April 6th, while we were in Florida. They, (the family Dr...
  15. F

    Lamictal and Giving Birth/Breastfeeding

    Hi Everyone, I am 40 weeks pregnant and have been on 200mg Lamictal throughout my pregnancy. (This was for bipolar disorder rather than epilepsy, but there is so much more info and experience on this drug in the epilepsy community, I thought it would make more sense to post here.) I would...
  16. G


    Is anyone else taking lamotrigine to control their epilepsy? This may seem really stupid but I am looking for advice on how to take it! I can't stand th taste and its even worse taking it with food or a drink. Anyone else feel the same?
  17. tinasmom

    Lamictal and Behavior

    We just came back from a meeting at Nicole's school and it has been confirmed that her behavior has gotten better with the recent reduction of Lamictal. Since we have reduced her dosage, she has been meeting her goals at school. It will be interesting to see how she does with the next...
  18. speber

    Suicide Risk From 11 Epilepsy Drugs

    I received this in an email and thought I should share with you all since I've seen threads recently touching on the subject of Trileptal and its effects on you: ...and I thought it was just me feeling 'off'........whew!
  19. tinasmom

    Behavior problems and Lamictal

    Since my granddaughter, Nicole, has started her full dosage of Lamictal, we have noticed that her behavior has gotten horrible. She is becoming uncontrollable at school. I just wanted to know if anyone else has had this problem. We talked to our doctor and he said that this is not a side...
  20. Birdbomb

    Epilepsy Drug Linked to Low IQ Epilepsy Drug Linked to Low IQ Children Whose Moms Took Valproate During Pregnancy More Likely to Have Lower IQs By Charlene Laino WebMD Medical News Reviewed By Louise Chang, MD May 3, 2007 (Boston) -- Women of childbearing...
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