1. G

    Complex Partials?

    Hi all - So over the past year I have come off of Dilantin (seizure free since 2001) only to start having complex partial seizures. My family doc said they were panic attacks at first but after the third one, which my wife witnessed, I went to my neuro. He said they were definitely complex...
  2. K

    Switching from TEGRETOL to LAMICTAL

    I have been diagnosed with frontal nuptial epilepsy. I have been having seizures at night where i would hit the bed (or the people in bed with me, yes it's very troubling for the girlfriend as you can imagine), and grunting, and talking very angrily while it happens, although i'm still asleep...
  3. G

    New Member - Lamictal Problems

    I started having grand mal nocturnal seizures when I was 10 yrs old. I was put on Dilantin. During my teens I was told my epilepsy may have been a stage of puberty and at 18 I went off Dilantin completely. A few months later I had a seizure. I would only have a seizure a few times a year...
  4. N

    Anger w/ Lamictal Increase?

    Hi, My tonic clonic seizures have been well controlled with Lamictal for the past several years - as in no episodes for about 5 years. Then out of the blue I have 2 in one day. So we up the Lamictal from 400mg to 600mg/ day. My Neuro said that it might be overkill, and that I may feel lousy, and...
  5. L

    Am I Overreacting? Tight/Sore Jaw

    Hi all, I am driving myself batty with over-thinking, over-worrying, wondering, "Is this normal/med related/whatever???" over every little sensation I feel these days. I had an episode yesterday with a series of fainting/mini-seizures. The ER docs said my Dilantin levels were low, and I'd been...
  6. L

    Side Effects: Migraines?

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum, just seeking some support as I just had my first ever episode 2 weeks ago. I had a series of small seizures (4 total) in one day, spent 12 hours in the ER getting tests done. MRI, Cat Scan, blood tests, etc all came back normal, but my EEG showed some abnormal...
  7. M

    New Diagnosis, scared!

    My neurologist just called to let me know my EEG on tuesday was abnormal. Temporal Lobe? He wants me to start taking Lamictal right away for it. I have a MRI scheduled for Tuesday, and I meet with the neurologist on the 3rd. In the meantime, anyone have any advice, or anything for me to help...
  8. B

    Pregnancy, Epilepsy, and Lamictal

    Is anyone familiar with an epileptic pregnant mother on lamictal? My 17year old daughter is 13 weeks pregnant, has a non specified form of generalized clonic tonic seizures, and is on 150mg 2x's per day of Lamictal. She continues to have seizures during her pregnancy even on the Lamictal...
  9. A

    Lamictal question

    I recently refilled my Lamictal. I take 200mg tabs and they have always been blue and shaped sort of like a shield. The pills I just got are round and green. My husband picked up my prescription so I called the pharmacist when I got home and asked him about it. He said it is the same pill...
  10. Rae1889

    Possible side effect?

    Hello everyone, Havent started a thread in a while, but I have a question for those who have or are taking Lamictal or the generic version Lamtrigine. I am on 100mg now *have been since monday, but missed tuesday and wednesday doseage* of Lamotrigine and think I am experiencing a strange side...
  11. K

    Hi I'm a newbie, question about Lamictal rash

    Hi, I'm a Newbie. Hi to everyone. I don't have much time rite now so I will make this brief and talk more later. My son is 6 now and in 1st grade. He was DX with Complex-Partial Seizures in Pre-k 4. He has been on Trileptial since the DX, this medication has been upped from the very...
  12. Evergirl62884

    looking for some advice

    New to the site, not of epilepsy. any advice you can give me about going off meds? any warning signs, things i should do to keep my self more likely to not re-lapse. Currently i'm weaning off of my lamictal down to 75 mg and 75mg am and pm.
  13. Cinnabar

    Here and there, hair is everywhere

    Am on Lamictal (brand) and Clonopin. From what I understand, main culprits. I cannot be without them as much as I battle with my doctor. He's recommended vitamin suppliments to thwart the problem. Bioten, B-Complex and Selenium. Not doing the trick. Does anyone have any ideas? I know the scalp...
  14. Stephanie86

    Lamictal and night sweats

    I've noticed that since I've been on Lamictal, nearly every morning I wake up with the sheets soaked with sweat. Gross. Is the Lamictal causing it? Anyone else?
  15. R

    Lamictal and Ginseng

    Hi, I'm trying a more natural approach for treating epilepsy. I'm looking into vitamins and herbs. I am currently taking lamictal. Is it bad to take ginseng with epilepsy? I was told this in the past. If this is true, is it because it has a dangerous interaction or just because it can...
  16. allie510

    Dr. appt. was today. Lamictal?

    So today was my day with the new neurologist and just like I told you guys I went on and on and on and told her EVERYTHING. Well she stood in the room with me for 2 HOURS and she explained EVERYTHING in detail. She states that the epilepsy I am describing is the kind that they don't know what...
  17. C

    Please Help Me

    Hi, my name is Mark, I am from Gurnee, Illinois. I am 16 years old, and was just diagnosed with Epilepsy about a month ago. I have been finding it increasingly hard to cope with the Epilepsy. It is now something that is a part of my daily life/routine. Only close friends and family members know...
  18. brain

    Cardiovascular problems: Common AEDS may increase risk of cardiovascular problems

    Cardiovascular problems: Common anti-seizure drugs may increase risk of cardiovascular problems
  19. brain

    Lamictal Rash / Allergies (Update)

    Well, so much for Lamictal that was doing so great ... errr - maybe not so great; my own Neurologist cringed when he saw that I had the 'ole' Lamictal rash --- all over me! I've been scratching like the heck! Wahhhh! So it's back to Zonegran I go where I was originally ... and in 2 weeks, I...
  20. Cinnabar

    Lamictal and hair loss?

    I've been taking Lamictal for sometime. I understand it's very rare to have hair loss as a side effect but it seems that I'm always one in a billion to have a rare side effect. Just wondering if anyone on Lamictal has experienced hair loss shortly after taking it? I'm wondering if it's...
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