1. Bernard

    [News] New American SUDEP Guidelines
  2. Shelley

    Skye McCole Bartusiak A young Hollywood star has died from seizures.
  3. N

    article on S.U.D.E.P. in the Boston Globe

    Interesting, well-balanced article on S.U.D.E.P in today's Globe:
  4. Endless

    [News] Reducing the Chance of Sudep

    Did you see this article in the "Epilepsy News" section? It's about how to reduce the chance of SUDEP.
  5. M


    Does the thought of SUDEP ever worry anyone? Because of course our seizures are spontaneous, so we really can't plan them, plus most can't be stopped. And if SUDEP were to occur, we would never know.....
  6. Bernard

    David Manusov's Eagle Scout project Houston Chronicle news story: Donations:
  7. Rae1889

    Another reason to raise awareness about SUDEP

    This poor woman spent 14 years in jail, being blamed for her son's death when in fact a doctor tried to cover up SUDEP.
  8. N

    [Research] Vitamin D deficiency and SUDEP

    Recently on PubMed article: Here's the link:
  9. Cint

    [Info] Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy: This rare disorder is a call to arms for doctors

    An article from Nov/Dec. 2010 issue of Neurology Now magazine:
  10. knothing

    [News] NY Times article on SUDEP

    I read this and I would have to say that the last quote is one of the best Epilepsy quotes I have ever read. The New York Times By ALIYAH BARUCHIN Published: July 26, 2010 On July 9, 2009, Steve Wulchin went to wake his 19-year-old son, Eric, in their home in Boulder, Colo. Eric had been given...
  11. C

    Paul's Run for Epilepsy

    Sunday, October 17, 2010 Start 9:00 a.m. Event 5K Run/Walk and Run Like Paul Races for Kids! New Course Map Location Gary Morava Recreation Center 110 W. Camp McDonald Rd. Prospect Heights, IL 60070 Prospect Heights Park Dist. Website ALSO AS A BONUS - Come and rock with the band, Street...
  12. P

    [Research] Preventing SUDEP?

    Imagine a simple test to identify your risk for SUDEP. An EKG, and if positive, a simple genetic screening test to identify the family of genes that identify this new risk factor. If you test positively, the prevention could be as simple as taking beta blockers...or in more serious cases...
  13. brain

    Drops In Blood Oxygen Levels May Be Key To Sudden Death In Some Epilepsy Patients

    Drops In Blood Oxygen Levels May Be Key To Sudden Death In Some Epilepsy Patients
  14. D

    SUDEP question

    I've been thinking about this since I read someone talking about the correlation between sleep apnea and SUDEP. SUDEP results from stopping breathing while sleeping right? And a c-pap for sleep apnea forces air into your lungs until you start breathing again right? So why isn't a cpap...
  15. H

    My brother

    Hello everyone. Im in beautiful brother died two weeks ago in his sleep. He had his first seizure five years ago after the death of our mum. He was 26. I just cant believe that he has gone. Im trying to comfort myself with the thought that he knew nothing at the end and he is now...
  16. K

    lost my beautiful daughter Katie.

    I lost my daughter Katie at 9 years old. I would love to put a video of her on here too. She started out at 9 months old having febrile seizures. At 3 years old she had a seizure that would last 2 1/2 hours and she had to be flown by helicopter to er. After her 3 day stay, they sent her home on...
  17. C

    a best friends cry

    Generose Ann Wilson was my everything. She was my heart my soul my answers to all my problems. She meant more to me than anyone else. When i got the call that she had passed away, i thought it was joke. No way at my life right now would i do going through such heartache. I can not sit here and...
  18. kirk267

    My brother passed away!!!!???!!!!!

    I still remember that night when my brother passed away in his sleep from I'm pretty sure a seizure because it's possible that if you have a seizure while sleeping lying perfectly flat on your back it is possible to basically swollow your toungue and pass away from lack of oxygen to the brain...
  19. D

    need answers

    new to the site but I would like to say a few words about my son was taken away from us from a sz I am angry because my son was diagnosed with ep in july of 06 and my dearest son passed away on my birthday 5/22/07 not even a year with ep and it took his life he was only 23 years old and very...
  20. tinasmom


    My daughter, Tina was diagnosed with Epilepsy at the age of 6. Unfortunately, her seizures were never under control. All her neurologist would do was up dosages and add medications. I was very uneducated about Epilepsy at that time and would just agree with her doctor. Tina finally became...
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