electric snapping next right eye

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Last night night I had a new feeling 10 pops of electric "current" next to my right eye, and started grinding my teeth last night in my sleep which is something I normally dont do either, so more things that go into my journal, and going to be brought up to my neuro today when I talk to him. Any thoughts from you guys who may have had this happen to you?
this is the 1st time this has happened to me with these issues.
I had a minor seizure last night with urination I take toapamax 150mg daily.
Thanks Mike!
Thanks Nakamova,
I haven't grinded my teeth in months, in over 6 months and before that years and the shocking thing maybe had it years ago, but if I did my ex wife would never admit anything I told her and will not tell me if I ever had seizures in bed at night so I dont know if I had episodes during that time, I have blackouts, and memory issues, and am glad I have a wonderful neuro, and am glad my neuro listens and told him I'm not going back to the epi doctor, since she didnt want to listen, thanks again to everyone, your advice gives me more to talk to my neuro about when he calls me back today.
Thanks once again.

I had a very similar thing last week... strong electric pops behind my right eye..made my face tic and body kind of spasm. No grinding of teeth, but I've never done that. I had never had that before...

Some of these strange issues really seem to have started with the Topomax... I'm going to do a lot deeper research into that and see what I can turn up. Good luck with your neuro.. I'm really interested in what he says.
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