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Really Simple

i started having petit mals (had not a clue what epilepsy really was so i didn't know until years later what i was experiencing) after one night when i was 14 after i properly smoked 2 cones. im a lightweight so it didn't just "bring to the surface" the petit mals, it fukd me over in other ways too.

weed can be good and weed can mess u around. it depends on a few things. i had some the other day and i'm not sure what factors (out of several i can determine) are at work (ie physical growth, the aeds or insight) but i can control the panic/paranoia and "dive" or "fall" into the increased epileptic-activity abyss now. but it doesnt mean ima smoke it again for a long while.

personally i think weed is unstable and does more harm than good.
would be cool to get some form of genetically altered super weed that was ultra mellow (like the stuff mentioned in american beauty... g13?) and healthy and just made u laugh. ANd eat in my skinny ass case, haha.
Don't say your "giving it up". That implies loss...say "I'm weed free" that implies gain. Perspective is everything! Always Laurie
dang buckeye sounds scary. i would have loved to have that job though.i just like to help people in need.
Thanks Joey

This Buckeye is a big wimp!

Being an EMT was the most fulfilling thing I ever did in my life. Though there were far too many sad times, the times we could make a difference were worth it.

Volunteered for 20 years. Quit due to health / work / life issues shortly before 9/11. Been missing it ever since.

Based on your posts that I have read, you would be a good EMT.
I wish marijuana was legalized, it does seem to help with both seizures ( I haven't had in over ten days week and I think this trigger my seizure yesterday) and with bone pain due to my accident. When I don't have any I have to take a lot of hydrocodone which I think is much more dangerous.
Don't say your "giving it up". That implies loss...say "I'm weed free" that implies gain. Perspective is everything! Always Laurie

I didn't say I was "giving it up" and I don't have anything to "give up". So where are you reading?

(Disregard if you're quoting me had nothing to do with what you typed below it)
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I smoked weed from the age of 13 (best NOT to ask!), and only had the occasional CP that wasn't picked up on. I stopped smoking it when I was 22, and within weeks had my first BIG episode where I went into status...what does THAT say? HOWEVER, it hasn't made me go back to smoking dope, as it was personal choice that made me stop. Being so close to the end of my tether with my Epilepsy though, I'm beginning to wonder if the MJ helped me way more than any of the AED's I am/ have taking/took. I would love there to be a lot more research done on the medicinal components of the MJ, as it would probably benefit me. Either that or I could just go back to being a dope-head again (NOT)...methinks I'm just a little too old for that.:roflmao:
Exploring data would be interesting. Everyone reacts do differently to weed, medications, food. Since I don't smoke anymore, it would be a mote point for me to "get into it". My trigger is sleep - which I'm not getting enough of! Always Laurie
I'm beginning to wonder if the MJ helped me
Actually it sounds to me as though the MJ caused it the same way that someone without epilepsy can develop it from taking AED's for a long period. It makes sense because in both cases the firing of neurons slows so that they are more likely to misfire & cause a seizure when the AED/MJ is stopped.
laryy king show

Been channel surfing. Found Montel Williams (ms) versus Steve Baldwin on medical marijuana!
I always thought that Montel was conservative. I never would have thought that he would be on the side of medical marijuana. Note, he is not for legalizing pot. I can't imagine the pain he experiences.
I used to smoke it every once a very great while for insomnia and as a pain killer(I have rheumatoid arthritis of the spine) but since I have been on a natural health kick recently and weight loss regimen, I can't smoke it any more because it gives me the munchies bad!

Peaceful Hugs,
CNN link

[ame="http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/politics/2009/0328/lkl.medical.marijuana.cnn"]Video - Breaking News Videos from CNN.com[/ame]
For those who want to see some of the show that aired.
i tried mj again after years just the other day but it was just to get high but then i realized why i stopped smoking it.
I've read stuff online that says it's a good medicine for seizures, from scientific studies. Weed activates CB1 receptors that are key to neural protection against epileptiform activity. The endogenous endocannabinoid system is like a natural seizure blocker, it modulates neural connections and prevents exitotoxicity(if I got that word right). I think the most convincing thing I read was this experiment where they took CB1 receptors out of mice and they started going into status epileptus. Unfortunately because of the illegality of said substance, and all of the political lies (eg. it makes white women sleep with black men, it makes you irreversibly insane) epileptics aren't just going to be given it by a doctor anytime soon. Except in medical marijuana states. I'd prefer calling it medical cannabis. Doctors are however thinking of the endocannabinoid system as an emerging target for therapy, with all of the fun stuff taken out. Also, with weed illegal it's hard to target that system, since that's what weed does, it targets that system. You guys should read up on it, it's interesting. Those are some facts, not opinions, by the way. My opinion is that I love that s!@t.
Wait a minute someone can develop epilepsy from taking AEDs for a long time?
I read an article some years ago which stated that if a person who had no medical problems started to take dilantin, that person would get the same seizure-like behavior as those for whom the dilantin was used as an anti-convulsant. The person in the article was using dilantin as a "street drug." Self-medicating oneself isn't a wise idea! :twocents:
I could see people using a benzo but most AEDs are not fun, anyways the reason I asked is for over a decade I've taken primidone for essential tremors, in the last 5 years or so I've developed myoclonic jerks, And most likely had a tonic clonic by myself last year, wonder if the primidone had anything to do with it.
My "gut instinct" says that you've built up a tolerance to it, but to be certain, I'd advise you to make an appointment to see your neurologist and have ALL your Rx re-assessed! You might need a complete change in your Rx.

It's also wise to have this re-assessment done every 5 yrs. or so b/c over time, Rx develop side effects which can be irreversible, if you're left on a Rx for too long a period of time. I'm speaking from 1st-hand experience on this last statement.
Well I never tried mj till after my coma. I tried everything after my coma. lol It helped my myoclonic siezures. I would only do like 3 tokes and that was it for me. It gave me extra energy so my house was cleaner. My brain is really wierd.But it was fun.I told my Dr. And he wanted to know if I wanted to try it in pill form. I said no. And I will not lie. I will try not to anyway. I had a brownie the other day. It was gross. lol
No worries mate, getting everything checked out again this year, finally found a neurologist who believes I had a tonic, the last one would barely believe I had myoclonics, and my EEG I took last week should show something this time as I had a few good jerks during it.
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