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By the way there's two very different kinds of MJ, saptiva and indica, saptivas tend to be a heady high, and indicas tend to be more sedative, I'm a California medical mj patient, saptivas tend to agravated my jerks and can be almost partial seizure like expperiences and tend to make me a little paranoid sometimes, the paranoia can aggravate my tremors to where my legs and ankles shake badly, while indicas have the opposite effect on me, I feel very very relaxed, I only smoke when I don't have to drive mainly at night in my home. I quit 3weeks ago and I've noticed increased anxiety and insomnia. I quit for a pre employment test, and so it wouldn't interfere with any EEG readings, so that I might finally get an answer to why I have myoclonus, so I could find out if it's a seizure disorder or essential myoclonus.
MJ interferes with REM sleep and can possibly reduce serotonin, when I took 5 htp my jerks were aggravated I had awesome vivid dreams, and a week into taking it I had what was probably a TC.
Cannabis indica is perfect for my grand mal epilepsy. its got a narcotic analgesic effect. heavy body.Its difficult for ur body to go into a seizure whilst medicating urself with cannabis indica (in my own personal experience) every 1 is different or unique lol. cannabis sativa has an up head rush high. Sativa may not be good for epileptics. In my case it was and still is. If u over medicate with sativa then u will feel more and likely feel paranoid and possibly cld go into a seizure.The brain is having more activity with sativa which you want to decrease activity not increase. I only use sativa in the morn and during the day it gets me up energetic and it really is an anti depressant( thats is y i use sativa). if u r motivated and not depressed but still take seizures then use indica not sativa. i was on tegretol 200mg x 4 daily. i stopped my medication and started medicating with cannabis. I`M NOT IN PERFECT SHAPE BUT I DONT TAKE SEIZURES NEMORE AND CHEMICAL FREE. ORGANIC ALL THE WAY!
... i stopped my medication and started medicating with cannabis. I`M NOT IN PERFECT SHAPE BUT I DONT TAKE SEIZURES NEMORE AND CHEMICAL FREE. ...

If you are using cannabis, you are not chemical free. I'm glad it is working for you. Hopefully, you won't be another one of those folks who find it to be effective in the short term (a few years) and more problematic in the longer term.
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