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    [News] F.D.A. Panel Recommends Approval of Cannabis-Based Drug for Epilepsy Here's an excerpt from the article:
  2. N

    [News] A 12-Year-Old Girl With Epilepsy Is Suing Jeff Sessions Over Medical Marijuana Be interesting to see how this plays out. According to the article, the lawsuit also includes another minor, a military veteran, and former San Francisco 49ers...
  3. N

    [Research] Marijuana extract sharply cuts seizures in kids with Dravet syndrome

    Just published in the New England Journal of Medicine are the results of a study testing Cannabidiol in treatment of children with Dravet syndrome (a severe form of epilepsy): The drug manufacturer hopes that it can be available by prescription in 2018 for children suffering from Dravet...
  4. A

    nocturnal seizures and cannabis

    Hi, I'm just wondering exactly when I should do cannabis if I suffer from nocturnal seizures. These seizures are very random as well. I can go 3 months without one or I could have one each week. I just want to know when I should do cannabis , before I go to bed or an hour before? Does anyone...
  5. J

    White House petition to allow more research on a marijuana treatment for epilepsy

    Please sign this White House petition to allow more research on a promising epilepsy treatment option. You have to register before you can sign it, but it only takes a minute. This petition has a long way to go to get the required 100,000 signatures before April 19th. If it meets this goal it...
  6. C

    I'm 24 & going camping this summer... recently diagnosed and have questions

    Hey all. First have to say how helpful I've found this app, I'm nearly diagnosed (this past October) and don't know anyone else with epilepsy- so it really helps to be able to come into here. As my topic says, I'm going camping in June. My friends and I have been going every year for the last...
  7. John-Forrest

    Medical Marijuana CBD for Epilepsy? For Real or a Scam?

    Lately I've been hearing a lot of claims that Medical Marijuana, specifically strains high on CBD (the beneficial stuff) and low on TCH (the ingredient that gets you high). CBD acts as a relaxing agent. People with MS have been using for years as a way to reduce muscle tremors. Now that...
  8. L

    Tonic Clonic Egotistical Depression

    Tonic Clonic Egotistical Depression I've never considered myself a substance abuser, smoker, yes, alcoholic, maybe, more than casual marijuana user, definitely, but as all substance abusers I consider it under control. The closest I have come to responsibly managing my condition as an...
  9. MaryK

    [News] Little girl helped with medical marijuana

    Thought this article was interesting.
  10. Phams413

    Epilepsy and Marijuana?

    I was just curious if anyone here smokes marijuana and has it had any positive or negative effects on your epilepsy? :brain:
  11. C

    Reading Epilepsy

    Hi, I have reading epilepsy meaning that my seizures are triggered by reading for long periods of time. I am currently taking a medication called apo divalproex which is working very well for me. My only question is wether it would be ok to consume marijuana in my condition and while taking the...
  12. R

    Former Medical Marijuana patient - for Epilepsy

    I used to live in IA. My neurologists had told me that they had nothing to treat me, not even ativan They had said go home and die. I was desperate. I tried marijuana. It worked. It had stopped all of my seizures, ended any postictal misery, cured any headaches, stopped pain for bruises, and...
  13. M

    Medical Marijuana

    Anyone use or heard anything good about Medical Marijuana for Epilepsy patients? I've watched a few documentaries on the benefits of it, and epilepsy was mentioned quite a few times. I can understand that it would be good because of its depressant properties and some other scientific stuff I...
  14. T

    medical marijuana

    Are there any out there that live in a state in which they can get marijuana prescribed to them for Epilepsy? If so, do you actually believe or know that it is helping suppress seizure activity? Also please give the pros and cons, if any?
  15. B

    medical marijuana

    Hey everybody my younger brother has epilepsy and has had it for many years now. He is fifteen and has already been pulled from going to school and playing contact sports because of his condition. His doctors have found that none of the medicines they are giving him are working and are talking...
  16. D

    endocanniboids This is just one of the articles I've found relating to the connection between the endocannabinoid system and epilepsy. I find the real info interesting. Not just the weed connection, because the article says that it's been used for...
  17. googly389

    So I was stupid...

    Last night I did something I think I regret. I'm 20 years old, barely have smoked weed but have never been drunk or taken any other illegal drug before. So curiosity got the best of me regarding Marijuana. Got some earlier this week and had actually tried it twice before but only felt relaxed...
  18. joey

    Read this and tell me if you agree, Thanks.

    I was snooping around on the net and found this on a youtube videos description, please tell me if you think these tips are accurate. Thank you. here are some tips on reducing seizures: here is what we tell everyone (but do your own research first, cross reference, ask around, talk to your...
  19. Abynorml

    Partial Seizures?

    In the last two weeks Ive experienced two events that might of been partial seizures Im unsure, the first time I was on a tour bus I had been up all day it was about 2am Id been feeling weird all day maybe a bit jumpy easily startled (I jump easier at sudden flashes of light or loud sounds than...
  20. joey

    mary jane

    just wanting some opinions or just feed back on marijuana. i used to smoke it for fun and i would have seizures and i heard that some people with e smoke weed for medicinal purposes. i quit smoking weed a long time ago not cuz it made me have seizures more or less but because it made me so damn...
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