Your worst subject in school

What was your worst subject in school?

  • Math/Algebra/Geometry

    Votes: 118 53.6%
  • English/Language

    Votes: 37 16.8%
  • Social Studies/History

    Votes: 30 13.6%
  • Other

    Votes: 35 15.9%

  • Total voters
I can still remember the cold sweats while waiting for my maths homework to come back along with the guaranteed rolicing that woul accompany it,pure fear!!!!!!
School was quite a few years before I was diagnosed with epilepsy but I didn't do well with English, and French/German were definitely the hardest subjects for me. No lust for them and got frustrated cos they didn't come easy to me. Nowadays though I love reading and I spend some of my spare time writing short stories. I also live in germany now but learning the language is proving very difficult :(
Other Languages were out of the question. No memory. But Math I was bad in until I got into accounting. I just got it.
I developed E as a freshman and because I had so many TC’s I was either unconscious or post ictal which guaranteed me failing grades (if lucky) usually got incompletes. :oops: I quit school in the 10 grade. Much later I took some correspondence courses which I could do at my own pace which was exceedingly slow. :oops: Math was the worst.
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My worst subject in school was Science! I hated that class! :soap:
Mathematics was the worst! Even today I have problem while calculating! Numbers really puzzle me!
My son is on honor roll. But math is where he struggles the most.It is so wierd that he takes Depakot sprinkles and topiramate. and has a picture memory. His self esteem has exhausted me. It has gone so up he thinks hes always right. Help. lol
math , always math ! I normally had good grades ..... except for those c's & d's and the one f allllllllll math !
I think that years of trying to understand bloody maths,could be a contributing factor for my epilepsy firing up!!!.Perhaps ill bring this up with my nuero,see what she makes of it.
I was okay with math until we hit algebra and geometry. I didn't have anything to blame it on. But my best friend was math awesome and I was always an A+ student in grammar, spelling, English and foreign language. We tutored each other all the time.
My worst subjects in school were math and Social Studies. I never could grasp how the US Government works and I never was very good with US History, either.
Math in High school was ok, but I failed the math college entrance exam and had to start from Math 099. Being a computer science major, which involved a lot of advanced math classes, that kept me a bit behind, trying to catch up. I had to take Statistics 310 3 times before I passed. Ack.
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I have a hard enough time remembering things in english
Sport. If that counts.
If I had known I was longsighted back then perhaps I wouldn't feel so dumb when the ball hit me in the face every time. XD

I hated Maths, but somehow got good grades. I don't know my times tables and I forget nearly everything, so how the heck I got an A I'll never know!

My worst subject was Science. I think because I can't understand spoken instructions and it was ALL spoken instructions. I need to write things down to learn.
My first F was in Science, though ironically it wasn't my fault. The teacher just hated me because I told him he couldn't spell. (I'm sure planets is not spelled PLANTS)
On the bright side, he also fell for the Uranus jokes every time!
math math math. dropped out of it two weeks before the end of grade 11.
Everything except music.I understood math in the sense of music and tyming. But I did terribly in everything else. Or I would say it was my Depakotes fault.
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