Your worst subject in school

What was your worst subject in school?

  • Math/Algebra/Geometry

    Votes: 118 53.6%
  • English/Language

    Votes: 37 16.8%
  • Social Studies/History

    Votes: 30 13.6%
  • Other

    Votes: 35 15.9%

  • Total voters

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I moved to texas and had a grand mal seizures in 11th grade math I dropped out.
My worst subject was Math for sure followed closely by science, and I flunked 7th grade.

I lost my best friend because of it, her parent's believed that if she played with me that she would end up flunking too so they stopped her from playing with me.
Math was OK until algebra and geometry made their way into my life. Ugh! So, guess what? I married a math teacher. End of problem!
almost every subject

I have posted on this thread before, but here it goes! Uh..almost every subject except for p.e. and choir! Seems I was having seizures, but no one was paying attention to me, but the teachers who told me what a dismal failure I was! Even my parents were baffled, and I felt like a freak due to my "spells".
I had thought about becoming a doctor until I took Chemistry.

Ugg. Mind numbingly boring.
I almost failed ballroom dance.

truthfully highschool was screwed up for me. I almost didnt graduate.

the first day p.e. was full so I never took p.e. I also played several different varsity sports for all four years,
spent all 4 years in rotc, which worked to my advantage went to college on a rotc scolarship,
but I was thrown out of art the first day the teacher decided I look like trouble. (yes)
so with epic bullshit ballroom dance ended up being my one of my art classes, you have to have a certain amount of art creds and a certain amount of pe creds to graduate. there were also all sorts of just other problems and holes in my record they basically just wanted me gone, they made up stuff to get me out,
plus i had been suspended for like the best thing ever (inciting a riot) so no point keeping me any longer than they had to.
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Something people with e have in common! Difficulty in high school!

I flunked Algebra II in 10th just because it was 1st period (7:10-8:30am) and I couldn't get up for school on time without complications. Luckily I was beast in English and Social Studies so I didn't fail and ended up almost having a 3.0GPA.
good to know I wasnt the oly person who wasnt a morning person,
I did not write above post today must be something wrong with site today
I did not write above post today must be something wrong with site today

I have been noticing this on other posts too. If you are on the "Recent Threads" page you will see a "new post" made by someone but when you click on the thread, the post is very old, usually from last year.
Mine was literature. Actually, I had a teacher who really turned me off of the subject--I dropped a class because of him. I always did & still do love to read. I can finish a 200 page book in a day, but I'm not interested in analyzing what I read.
As small kid I was whizz at mental arithmatic thought it fun then one day teacher said we doing problems,because she used word problem that was it I gave up if she worded it differently I would had no problem at it.
I went on to get O'level physics had no problem loved it yet math class I just froze very odd because not lot of difference apart from I could see it objective thing I handled it saw experiment reasoned it out.For instance principle of moments hooks law things you need when putting washing line up or how much hair I could get up in band for pony tail both valid.I mean in math why would I want add up to negatives to make positive when have I needed log table how many times a day do you do hypotunese triangle.I may use percentage or ratio in course of year and work intrest out that's it
I was always great at math and English. I aced statistics classes in college. Science was always my worst subject.
(Hello! It's been a long time!)

I voted Other. I wasn't very good at PE (Physical Education---sports, gymnastics, dance) but I enjoyed playing cricket, rounders and football (that's soccer for the American folks). There was one year (out of my 5 years of secondary school) where I got to participate in cross-country running (modified to take part in the school playground instead) and I LOVED it! I also wasn't good at Science, ESPECIALLY Biology.
It's weird. I didn't do well in my Science exams but managed to get a C. PE had no exams or grades as it was just a curriculum thing that doesn't get you an official qualification (unless you've chosen GCSE PE which has classroom assessments and practical stuff but I didn't choose that).

I absolutely LOVED English (Language and Literature taught by the same AMAZING teacher!), Religious Studies (great teacher!), and History (again, a great teacher!). I think what your teachers are/were like and whether you get/got on with them really influences your opinion towards those subjects. My English teacher was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING :)! Her passion for her subject and her love of Shakespeare was clear. She made studying Macbeth fun and interactive! I still have my copy of the Poetry Anthology, complete with annotations! I saw (and still see) her as an older sister figure as she's not much older than me. She joked around with my class and we pranked her a couple of times. She could be in a bad mood for 25% of the lesson, start laughing for some reason for what felt like 50% of the lesson...then the rest of the lesson would be an actual lesson :D . I got a B for both English Language AND English Literature! She's lovely!
While I am still at a further stage in education, I miss those days when I attended her lessons and held the important position of one of the school Prefects in my final year (this position's importance is between non-Prefect students and the senior leadership team, apparently) (while wearing a very nice maroon blazer and tie along with normal uniform). I felt like I was valued in the last year of secondary school. Now? I'm not completely sure.


(sorry for the somewhat long post! :) )
I marked Social Studies/History because I was not very good at remembering who did what, when, where, how, and for what reason. Oddly, now that I am helping my son with his schooling, much of that same info is actually staying in my head even though it is useless clutter.
I excelled in English and science.
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