Your worst subject in school

What was your worst subject in school?

  • Math/Algebra/Geometry

    Votes: 118 53.6%
  • English/Language

    Votes: 37 16.8%
  • Social Studies/History

    Votes: 30 13.6%
  • Other

    Votes: 35 15.9%

  • Total voters

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maths,may aswel been in chinese,and to this day i had no use for algerbra trig and anything over two time table
I didn't have seizures in school, but I was always bad at math, but rocked geometry. Go figure :shrug: So, I chose 'other'.

My biggest problem was paying attention and the lack of desire to do my homework.
people/ social skills

my worst subject was feeling confident enough to go to school or talk with people. i did well in all subjects, but it wasn't until i developed epilepsy that i seemed to develop a lack of inhibition and not care what people thought to start speaking with them.
i still care, but while interacting with them face to face i am a different person.
social skills was my worst subject and may still be.
Why does nobody like maths? Im doing a level and love it! Lol it all adds up and makes sense :)

Hi, you would make a great teacher in Math or bookeeping or something to do with Math. How about doing IRS forms for people? :ponder:

I do our IRS forms. That and book keeping is about the only Math that I am good at. I had a horrible time in school with it.
SEcond post and already getting questions wrong but I am up late with a party raging across the road. Even with my television going I can hear and identify each song they play.

I chose maths but should have chosen english. Maths was my strength but I couldn't write an essay to save my life :)
Math was naturally my best, but english was a joke in my hs. They a reading assignment for "homework" and then went over it in class the next day, the ONLY book I ever read in 4 years of HS english was Dante's Inferno.
Math. I just never understood why I was learning any of it. My major required a lot of Math, all the way up to multivariable Calculus, and while there were difficult conceptual topics galore, it's the algebra that tripped me up. Using Calculus in my chemistry classes now actually simplifies things, so I've learned to embrace it.
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Religious Studies - how I got a D ill never know in tenth year we just sat around watching simpsons so a D grade was awesome... lol

Hi, I have had seizures for 30 years even though I'm 41 they now think I have had them my whole life . I have trouble in every subject . They take place on the left side of my brain and that is your learning center . Now I might make it to 4th grade . Although I did get an associates degree and some credits towards a bachhlors back in the day . I hope that helps u . jenn
Basic math I became really good at. You know,I worked as a manager at one time and did all the math. I loved it. Book keeping.But that was 15 years ago. I just pay my bills and thats it.I had cognitive problems except in music.It came to me so easily.Like my sons geography.
Geometry was SO HARD for me for whatever reason. I'm assuming because I had a really hard time visualizing changes/etc. Algebra, however, made perfect sense to me, and I actually enjoyed it. I still do, lol. Calculus might've been good if I hadn't been taking 22 credit hours that I also had to focus on... Who knows.

History wasn't easy for me in college because my memory was so bad (this is before I was dealing with seizures - at least as far as I know), but I was always really good at analyzing the overall picture, so I did well on my essays/final exam essays.
Anything that required any extra thinking. Namely any kind of mathematics. :p
My favorites were math subjects (algebra, geo, trig). Couldn't do them today though. lol.
I also loved Psych and sociology. My degree is in Early Childhood.
Hated school though. Seemed aside from those classes it took a lot of work to get through for measley grades.
Languages have always been hard for me. I knew I had a reading comprehension problem since I was 15 and diagnosed with E. I recently learned more about the comprehension problem (AKA Dyslexia).
Maths, all the way. At first it was every Subject, because I developed my Epilepsy through Asphyxia (loss of oxygen).
Science, I almost burned down a lab so they made me be the person passing out the equipment rather than using it.
I was so overmedicated that it seems like I couldn't learn/remember anything. But I voted math. It was my favorite subject but geometry was just a nightmare for me.
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