1. D

    Going off Zonegran

    Stopped Zonegran 6 days ago, was only on 50 mg, but experiencing a constant daily headache and just feeling like I have the flu (aches and pains all over), weakness. Has anyone experienced any withdrawal effects going off of Zonegran. I have been on Zonegran for over a year. The reason I am...
  2. K

    New to Neurontin - basic question

    Hi, I was just wondering if I could get feedback on what side effect people got from Neurontin? I know some people are on a lot of different med's but if someone could recall the effect only from Neurontin? Thank you sooo much!! Kim Background Zonegran - nervousness Keppra - anxiety...
  3. Endless

    [News] Epilepsy drug Cinical Trial was to promote drug and increase prescribing

    Clinical Study Involving Epilepsy Drug May Have Served Primarily To Promote The Drug And Increase Prescribing A phase 4 clinical trial...
  4. P

    [News] Pfizer Told to Pay $142.1 Million Over Marketing of Epilepsy Drug

    From BLOOMBERG NEWS Published: January 28, 2011 “Pfizer, the drug maker, has been ordered to pay a total of $142.1 million in damages for violating federal racketeering laws in the marketing of its epilepsy drug Neurontin. Kaiser officials claimed they were duped into believing that migraines...
  5. D

    Neurontin (gabapentin)

    Well....just back from my Neuro's office. I had a recent allergic reaction to Lamictal, so today they decided on Neurontin. I also, just completed an MRI of my lumbar spine....So I found out I have 3 herniated discs, one with an annular tear. I've been having severe pain down my left
  6. R

    Hello Everyone....

    I'm here to ask a question that I hope you experts can answer for me. I have Periodic Leg Movement Disorder. When I sleep my legs thrash about (below knee). I wasn't aware of this till I did a sleep study. As a result of the sleep study the doctor wants to put me on neurotin to control the leg...
  7. BuckeyeFan

    Neurotin - other uses

    Has anyone else heard of using Neurotin for anything besides seizures? My Mom has terminal cancer and the hospice doctor has prescribed Neurotin to help control pain. I understand it to be an interim step before going to the strong pain killers. I had not heard of this use before. She does...
  8. AlmostaCowgirl

    Have you suffered memory loss from taking Neurontin?

    I was at the age of 5 when I was diagnosed with seizures. It was always unclear as to exactly what was causing my seizures until about 6 years ago, which I found out was a Venous Angioma. Unfortunately it is in the left side of my brain and right behind my left eye. So it's inoperable or if I...
  9. L

    Pregnancy & E??!!

    Can anyone give me some tips on pregnancy with E? I am concerned that even my obstetric consultant seems to be as in the dark as I am about the tetrological effects of gabapentin on a foetus, and even the british registery for anti-convulsants in pregnancy doesn't really seem to have a clue...
  10. Birdbomb

    [News] Experts Conclude Pfizer Manipulated Neurontin Studies

    Experts Conclude Pfizer Manipulated Studies Source
  11. speber

    Suicide Risk From 11 Epilepsy Drugs

    I received this in an email and thought I should share with you all since I've seen threads recently touching on the subject of Trileptal and its effects on you: ...and I thought it was just me feeling 'off'........whew!
  12. K

    Neurontin-Hot Flashes & Pain Relief

    Interesting issue with Neurontin came up during my current battle with cancer. Back in 1997, one year prior to my brain surgery I was taking Neurontin at 5400mg per day, 600 am/600mid/600pm. It actually made me hyper which is the opposite of what I heard everyone else say about it. When you...
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