1. S

    Epilepsy Support Group in Dubai, UAE

    Looking for Epilepsy Support in Dubai? You may want to check out EpilepsyDubai on If we can get enough members together we can either meet in Safa or Zabeel park or else online through Skype group calls. Also see the blog or if you have a Twitter account...
  2. B

    Hello all! New to this site :)

    Hey everyone, This is the first online support site I have joined for my epilepsy and I've had a diagnosis for over ten years! Talk about behind in the times LOL, I stumbled upon some of the forums through Google and though this is a great way to talk to others with similar life struggles. I...
  3. J

    I have Epilepsy and am looking for ideas for a Job.

    Hey everyone my name Jeffrey and I am a 25 yr. old with Epilepsy and am having a rough night. I am here to look for answers and maybe some advice to help me out through these times.... My history goes like this I was 3 yrs. old and had a fever seizure. I was then seizure free until I was 15. I...
  4. edepew151

    Utah friends?

    Hey everyone! I just moved to Utah and am looking for some new friends! I was wondering if anybody lived near me or knew of a support group in my area? I'm in Herriman, a tiny town between Provo and Salt Lake. I'd love to meet up with some new people that I have stuff in common with, but I'm not...
  5. A

    [Info] My Epilepsy Awareness group

    Hey all you Epileptics. I've made an Epilepsy Awareness group on Facebook where people can join to love, share their updates, and to support each other. I'm dedicating it to my dearest friend of mine " Michelle Morris " who's an Epileptic who've had her own Youtube account about epilepsy few...
  6. A

    Thank you

    I just want to say thanks for being so friendly to me. I have been dealing with a lot of issues and seizures have just been the icing on the cake & I got so scared when going for the MRI, fearing I'd have something like a tumor or something & the bleed while bad enough was at least fixable...
  7. JLogefeil

    This Might Help Peope Who Are Being Told They Are PNES??

    I notice a lot latley that there are more post being posted about people getting diagnosed with PNES. I have been diagnoised with it a few time and fighting with doc saying I don't think there PNES. I have been learning lots about what to say, what not to say, things to watch out for, sneaky...
  8. A

    How to connect with other parent with child with epilepsy?

    There are no epilepsy support groups in my area. I so desperately need a friend who understands what we are going through. Also for my 9 year old baby girl so she knows she is not alone. We live west of Philly..near King of Prussia.
  9. J

    i need help with my girlfreinds epilepsy

    hi my names john i am 17 and my girlfreind (who i have been dating for a long time) has epilepsy. i live on my own and she is planning on moving in with me and i need help with what to do. what precautions i should take any preparations i need to make just anything to help. the first time i saw...
  10. P

    Hello, I'm new here

    Hi I'm new to this forum. I was diagnosed with epilepsy at 15. I just wanted to talk with someone like me-someone who understands what it's like to live with epilepsy. How do others cope with this? I'd like some support. Thanks
  11. P

    [Info] South Carolina Epilepsy Support

    For all of you who were looking for epilepsy support in South Carolina (since there is no EFA office there), you can contact the SAFE website: Karen St. Marie (843) 991 7144
  12. P

    When you first told someone you had epilepsy, what did they do?

    When you told a relative, friend or lover, that you had epilepsy, how did they react? Were they curious, scared, nonplussed, accepting or in denial? Did they stick around or head for the hills? Did they ridicule you or want to know more? "How can I help you...what is it does it...
  13. L

    Epilepsy Unity Walk

    EPILEPSY UNITY WALK sponsored by THE EPILEPSY CENTER of the Inland Empire, California Saturday, October 11, 2008, 9am to 1pm 1st Annual Epilepsy Unity Walk Orchard Park, 5900 Festival Way, Corona, CA . This event will be the first of its kind for The Epilepsy Center. We will raise money and...
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