This Might Help Peope Who Are Being Told They Are PNES??

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I notice a lot latley that there are more post being posted about people getting diagnosed with PNES. I have been diagnoised with it a few time and fighting with doc saying I don't think there PNES. I have been learning lots about what to say, what not to say, things to watch out for, sneaky thing people do behind your backs, etc.
So I started a YouTube channel with my videos saying tips and thing I been learning. I want Peope to not suffer like I have and I don't want people to think there alone so please check these videos out there not long. I think I sound a little stupid but I do know what I m talking about.
I really hope I help you all please check them out, you could or couldn't learn someting from them but you never know. :D I tend to suprise myself all the time.
So go to and type in the search box jujub428 and my videos should show up.
What made me start these video is becuase I was in status epilepticus and I dont want anyone to go though that, so let's stand together and not let these doctors say its in out heads or were faking it also there is a video on that too so watch that one as well.
If anyone needs to talk I m here and your not alone.
With loves:
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