1. A

    Warning!!! New flu vaccine, the intraderma needle

    Okay, just want to tell all of you AND WARN you if you are thinking about getting the Flu Vaccine and if you get it with the new Intradermal needle, the one they advertise as 90% smaller needle. September 13th, I got the vaccine with this needle at work and the next day it was sore, which is...
  2. suebear

    [News] Five in one vaccine carries small risk of seizure activity

    New findings are being released on vaccine shot stating that it can cause seizures. I don't buy what they are stating and I'm only saying this to all parents that need to get this shot for their children.. Be very stern with your pediatrician and ask a lot of questions before doing it. Make...
  3. H

    FYI: Vaccine/brain damage/seizures/autism

    Feds Know of Many Cases of Autism Caused by Vaccines Press Conference Tomorrow Streamed Live A two-year investigation of the records of the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) has shown that the feds have compensated many cases of vaccine injury where autism was one of the injuries...
  4. H

    vaccines and epilepsy

    Watch for seizure risk with vaccines :twocents: Note: I split these posts off from another thread. Didn't want the original intent of the original thread to get lost by this tangent. - Bernard
  5. N

    [Research] Flu Shots and Febrile Seizures in Kids

    A very small number of kids have gotten febrile seizures within 24 hours of receiving the flu shot. While the numbers are statistically significant, they should NOT stop anyone from getting flu shot. Most febrile seizures are one-time events, and the vast majority of them are caused by...
  6. R

    just lookin for some feedback

    Hello to whoever may be reading this. Im not trying to tell everybody a sob story or try to come across as somebody whose problems are worse than the next. I just want to see if i am the only person that is going through this. I have a 3 year old daughter who has been having seizures since she...
  7. Blondie47

    H1N1 Nasal Vaccine Anyone had it?

    Hello Everyone, Has anyone here had the H1N1 Nasal (live) vaccine yet? Any side effects?
  8. CathyAnn31

    New member, from Texas (Longg intro-sorry)

    :shake: Hello everyone, my name is Cathy and I am 39 yrs old. I guess my story starts when I was a little kid in the 1970s. My mom noticed some odd behavior after a DPT immunization when I was 4 yrs old. She said I would start to wring my fingers, then would just zone out. She told my...
  9. RobinN

    Subpoena for a Blogging Mom

    Be prepared for legal battles if you voice your opinion and it differs from big pharma:
  10. tinasmom

    NY: All New Vaccine Mandates Squahed

    NY: All New Vaccine Mandates Squashed Parents are Powerful t's official, New York Assembly Bill A 10942, the "worst vaccine bill ever" and the mandatory meningococcal vaccine bill it morphed into late in the session are dead. And they were killed by parents who just aren't going to let...
  11. B

    mom to justin

    HI, I am new to this site. My son is Justin and he is ten months old today. He was diagnosed with a seizure disorder at 4 months old, the evening of his four month old immunizations. He has had three inpatient stays at the children's hospital and many ER visits over the past five months due to...
  12. RobinN

    Contaminated Vaccines,2933,352563,00.html (Bold type added by me)
  13. RobinN

    Mercury Toxicity

    This is taken from a Yahoo list called Mercury-Autism, but the subject matter is interesting. Remember that many with autism also have seizure disorders. We are talking about how the brain functions. Mercury toxicity has been linked to a large number of diseases, including arthritis...
  14. RobinN

    Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Seizures

    I was reading some new information that is being passed around in other neuro sites. There is a new link between mitochondrial dysfunction and autism. So I just wanted to see what the research was on mitochondrial dysfunction and seizures. I have learned that many with autism also have a seizure...
  15. A

    My daughter Aurora's Story....

    Hello, My name is Megan, and I am here to gain support, advice, and knowledge on behalf of my 2 1/2 year old daughter Aurora. Here is her story: I have birth to a beautiful baby girl on September 25th. My pregnancy and labor were perfect... I brought my daughter in for her routine 2 month...
  16. P

    Orthodontics increasing Seizures?

    Good morning all, has anyone investigated the relationship of metals and seizures.... A neuro years ago tested my son (not having seizures at that time) for heavy metals...we were looking for developmental delay causes at the time. Although he didn't show an unusual amount of any ONE...
  17. RobinN

    Vaccine related seizures

    In the study of children ages 12 months through 23 months, the rate of seizures was twice as high in toddlers who got ProQuad, compared with those who got one shot for chickenpox and one for the three other diseases.
  18. RobinN

    Aluminum in Vaccines

    This research was done by Stan Kurtz. He graciously allowed me to bring it to CWE if I linked to his site. Stan also moderates the progressive online Health group that collaborates with 2,000 families and professionals helping to improving chronic illness and autism using the techniques Stan...
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