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  1. MMRocks

    Calcium Levels

    So my calcium levels have been different every time I get them checked. I have run Very Low (in the 4s) to Very High. Calcium regulates electrical signals- very related to heart function, muscles, and seizures. Just started learning about the Parathyroid glands, their sole job is to regulate...
  2. MMRocks

    Amazing Difference

    You may have noticed I've been absent recently. I was dealing with my health, and I have improved so much, so I want to share with you what I did that worked. I quit coffee. I quit raw white sugar in coffee. I quit nicotine. I quit all the pharmaceuticals I was on (6). (some I had to taper) I...
  3. E

    Low Vitamin D Levels

    Hello everyone, I have had extremely low levels of vitamin D for 10 years now. When I am tested with out taking D, my levels are between 6-12. While on it, I get into the normal levels, around 45. If I am off the 50,000 IU medication, I drop from 45 to 6 (which is very low)with in a short...
  4. RobinN

    [Research] Correction of vitamin D deficiency improves seizure control in epilepsy: a pilot stud

  5. H

    Vitamin D deficiency cause seizure/epilepsy?

    Can Vitamin D deficiency cause seizure/epilepsy? It would be very useful to know of any cases related to the above as my 11 year old son other wise normal and no family history of epilepsy has had 3 seizures in the last three months and his blood results show severe Vitamin D deficiency.
  6. N

    [Research] Vitamin D deficiency and SUDEP

    Recently on PubMed article: Here's the link:
  7. P

    [Info] Anti-Epilepsy Drugs and Osteoporosis

    A research team consisting of epilepsy specialists and epidemiologists (persons who study the causes and control of diseases) reports on a study that answered an important but simple question: Do anti-seizure drugs cause reductions in bone density? Why ask this question? Most doctors and...
  8. RobinN

    [Research] Vitamin D
  9. G

    vitamin D deficiency

    I was wondering if anyone else here has had a vitamin D deficiency? I was diagnosed previously..and it explained so much about all of my symptoms. (Muscle/bone pain and weakness ) is related to seizures as well apparently. It helps maintain the nervous system..helps maintain blood...
  10. Zoe

    News Article Seizures and Vitamin D Deficiency

    Hi all, Below is an article I recieved today about vitamin D deficiency and seizure disorders. Vitamin D deficiency is one of the recognized links to seizures and is also a common side effect of many AEDs. It is free to get a membership to this medical news letter. Link to full article...
  11. RobinN

    Vitamin D I found this interesting.
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