1. K

    Anxiety and Depression in People with TLE and FLE

    Hello everyone! As part of my Master’s Degree at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) I am conducting an online project on Anxiety and Depression in People with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy (TLE) and People with Frontal Lobe Epilepsy (FLE). The goal of this dissertation's project is to...
  2. B1GGregNZ

    How Do You Deal with the limitations of epilepsy?

    I've had Epilepsy since i was 10 years old but wasn't diagnosed until i was 16. I was in denial until about the age of 23. Since been diagnosed i've found it hard to be motivated and find any hobbies that i enjoy. I once had a list of things i wanted to do in life but that list is getting...
  3. D

    Introducing Myself

    Hi Everyone! I've been a member for a few years now, but this is actually my first post. I've learned a lot from you all over the years - THANK YOU! :) I had my first seizure at around 19 years old, and up until I was about 36 I only had a seizure once every 2-3 years. It didn't impact my...
  4. Hand of Blood

    Need help!

    hey guys Does anyone know what the best anti depressants are to take with tegretol? I used to take citalopram and hated it so much I dont really wanna take any but it used to help my anger and its got way out of control lately Thanks :hugs:
  5. O

    [Info] All about Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

    I'd like to start a thread here to share information, articles, cases, facts and studies on Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. Having recently found out I have it and suffered severly from it I would really like to raise awareness on the topic. If you have/ are suffering from TLE or know of a personal...
  6. P

    Seizures and major depression

    Is there any information available about the interaction on counter-action of taking anti-seizure and anti - depressant medicines at the same time? I'm currently taking keppra, effexor and just added remeron.
  7. nataliejx

    How do you try to make your family understand and gain support from them?

    Hey everyone. As you can see on my profile a bit about me. I am currently taking Keppra to control my seizures but I am having some horrible side effects; depression, vomiting, nausea, headaches, sleepiness. I went away for a long weekend to Cork and went to see one of my favourite bands in...
  8. nataliejx

    How do you deal with your epilepsy? What medication are you on?

    Hey everyone, just a little bit about name is Natalie I'm currently 21 and was diagnosed with epilepsy in November 2013. It all started when I went out for a friends birthday on 22nd September 2012, I'm not a big drinker so only had a few glasses of rose when I started to feel really...
  9. skyfire322

    Eight months down the tubes (I think)

    Well, the other morning I woke up on the bathroom floor with a goose egg on my head, a bitten tongue, and a torn up/bruised shoulder. Unless my cat decided to unleash hell on me while I was sleeping, I had a nocturnal. I thought I had eaten dinner the night before, but when I walked into the...
  10. mylo

    dealing with life AFTER severe depression

    my life went down really fast within 10 days or so. started with my mother assaulting me for crying and venting (not offensively), i had to call the cops after which i moved to my dad's. 3 days later my dad gets in a fight with her boyfriend and lands in jail for the night. then the worst thing...
  11. L

    Tonic Clonic Egotistical Depression

    Tonic Clonic Egotistical Depression I've never considered myself a substance abuser, smoker, yes, alcoholic, maybe, more than casual marijuana user, definitely, but as all substance abusers I consider it under control. The closest I have come to responsibly managing my condition as an...
  12. mylo

    are benzo's the only choice??

    my "high" mood has faded, and for the past few days, it's been nothing but lows. broke my sobriety streak yesterday, 2 bumps of cocaine, had to break the anxiety somehow (paradoxically, stimulants kill my anxiety, must be my ADD). i apologized to my girlfriend, cried, broke down, and completely...
  13. EdenFox

    Social Life and Epilepsy

    Hiya, I was officially diagnosed about five years ago when I had my first Grand Maul , I have Myoclonic and Absence seizures and have had those since I was five. I have a Grand Maul 2-4 times a month it use to be even worse, was every week sometimes a few days in a row. I'm bad with...
  14. Hand of Blood

    just dont know what to do....

    I am in such a bad episode of depression about 2 weeks now ...... I have depression all time but these last 2 weeks are a nightmare!! I don't wanna bother with my son at all I don't wnna go out, Im soooooooo exhausted from feeling emptiness, I just wanna cry my eyes out all time and I hate...
  15. Hand of Blood

    Citalopram and sickness

    Hey guys. So I been on citalopram for about 3ish months now. Anyone know is it still normal to get sick? Most mornings round 3am I feel sick and its will last the whole time till 7 or 8. It's a horrible sick feeling :( I don't think I should still be getting this side effect I'm on 40mg btw...
  16. M

    Can seizures cause a change in mood?

    I have noticed a definite change in my mood in the recent as my seizures have gotten worse. It's difficult to describe over the last couple of weeks I have been very sick trying to adjust to a new medication and I guess worrying about seizures doesn't help but I have a feeling that I am having...
  17. RunningGirl85

    Depression and Seizures

    I'm just curious... I posted a about feeling rather down lately and I've noticed other posts too... Have any of you noticed a correlation with feeling depressed and increased seizure activity? I'm sure there are other posts about this, but I want to ask anyways. I was feeling pretty depressed...
  18. M

    Keppra XR side-effects

    Hello all, I'm hoping maybe some of you have some feedback for me. I'm 12 weeks pregnant and am on Lamictal XR, 300mg once a day, but am having breakthrough seizures. My dr wants to switch me to Keppra XR, instead of increasing the Lamictal. I was on regular Keppra a couple of years ago and...
  19. BritishGuy

    Antidepressant use with Keppra

    I've been on Keppra for almost 3 months now, and the last 6 weeks having been a high dose of 1000mg twice a day. At my lower doses, I never noticed any real change in irritability, mood swings or depression. At the higher level, it's really bothering me. I can start crying out of nowhere, I get...
  20. Hand of Blood

    not looking forward!

    so today im off to see a mental health social worker :( i dont have a clue what to say..... i can just say im depressed and thats it everyone knows what depression is lol ....... i hate talking about it to strangers it doesnt help! they dont care and they r paid to listen and judge! i hate it!!!!!
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