1. M

    New to the world of E!

    Hi, The last year has certainly been interesting, as life can be. Certainly learning the concept of "Life happens when you planning other things. (Allen Saunders)". 2016 ended with an aortic root aneurysm repair (Bentall Procedure) and the wonderful part is I'm still here to tell the tail...
  2. Eggbertx

    Epilepsy, employment, and EEO/ADA

    Hello everyone, I have a few questions about epilepsy possibly affecting hiring eligibility. For some background, I'm currently in college majoring in computer science, since I've been working with computers pretty much all my life. Because of my epilepsy (tonic-clonic seizures) I'm effectively...
  3. Matthew74

    For parents with college-bound children.

    This may be useful to parents sending their kids to college. It's a letter I wrote to a college based on my experience, and what I have heard from others. To Student Welfare: I am not writing so much on my own behalf as for other students who have epilepsy. I’m sure that you have dealt with...
  4. Mr.21T

    Disability for Dummies?

    I'm 24, a college graduate, and trying to move towards an independent life but it's difficult, not impossible to do it based on my e-friendly schedule. I work three part-time jobs, drive, and control my seizures, but I can't pay all my bills and meds without my parents' help. I have a friend...
  5. Matthew74

    How do you feel, what do you think?

    I hope this is a little more positive and useful. I start from my perspective, but I think others might relate in their own way. Carpentergirl said something about not letting E or the thought of it run your life. I thought it was awesome, and it reminded me of how I felt and thought as...
  6. skyfire322

    Long term disability denied. So confused!

    I've been on short-term disability since August, and the insurance company my employer uses covers short term for 90 days, so mine runs out in about two weeks. My neurologist wants me out of work until late November, which placed me into the long-term disability category, but I just found out...
  7. D

    Employer keeps calling 911 when I have a seizure. Is this standard for most jobs?

    I have been diagnosed with psychogenic nonepileptic seizures (PNES), after having 4 normal EEGs. Two were 30 mins, one was a 3-day take home test and the last one was a 5 day VEEG. All were normal. I had a normal MRI as well, but it was 6 mos. after they started I have anywhere from 1-6...
  8. Matthew74

    What is "unable to work"?

    How do you guys understand "unable to work"? I think the question comes down to how much misery you are willing to put up with to do whatever job it is you can get. Almost anybody can do something. Take my dad for instance. He worked full time my entire life, made good money, and was...
  9. T

    Hi everyone

    I am not a druggie, I have had epilepsy my life long. I came across stories of a psychedelic known as DMT or "ayahuasca". I found that any of the people describing their experiences was very similiar to pre-siezure visions I have always had. I began investigating, and after being certain that it...
  10. U

    Military with Epilepsy

    Hi there, My husband has been recently diagnosed with epilepsy. He had one large seizure within the last month, and has several incidences of jerking/twitching (mostly at night during sleep). The dr prescribed him Keppra. He didn't have a history of seizures before this. He is also an active...
  11. asalomonsterx

    Don't Know?

    Ok everyone, sorry I haven't been on in a long time. I have been fighting Social Security and won. I won my case for my disability for e. They say I have to forms of E. Also they say I have conversion disorder (have to research that one..lol) I just wanted to all let you know also that my...
  12. K

    social security disability question

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone in New York is on social security disability? I was inquiring about the process although I am looking for a lawyer. I have: Epilepsy OCD (years) Anxiety Depression Was in a hospital for mental health due to side effects of drugs. All stuff above is documented...
  13. T

    has anyone had troubles with Supplemental Security Income?

    I am 100% disabled due to seixures, have had them since I was 10 and am now 41. I went to college for a short while but had to quit due to seizures and they are threatening to take away my SSI. Can they do that ?? Does anyone know, that is my income alone. :ponder:
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