music therapy

  1. M

    Research on music and epilepsy

    I came across some interesting information and thought I would share it. The brains of people with epilepsy appear to react differently to music than brains of those who don't have epilepsy. Brainwaves of people who have epilepsy synchronize with music. Their research findings suggest that music...
  2. Lost Control Again

    what music do you love

    what music are you into and love? i love finding out what music other people are into :) i love listening to Nick Drake, Elliott Smith, Pink Floyd, REM, Joy Division and loads more. so what do you love listening to :)
  3. Crystal11

    The sound of a seizure in music

    Hello everyone- I have been writing music since I was 9 along with my twin sister. We have been recording and performing professionally since age 11 and are self taught with several CDs out and even some music on youtube. Our band name is Jumelle meaning "Twins" in French. Our family is from...
  4. TexasTravel

    Musical "emotions"............

    I put this here because I really do not know if it fits the bounds of the auditorium, but, if Speber fills it is so, please move it there. Anyway, I really do not know how to go about describing this, does anyone have ...........well, "floating" feelings when listening to certain music. By...
  5. Stacy

    music causes seizures

    I ran across this article from the Discovery Channel on how a lady cured her seizures by surgery after figuring out that a certain music was causing 10 seizures / day. Very interesting.
  6. Birdbomb

    Post-brain surgery, the 25-year-old can safely listen to her favorite artist

    Sean Paul’s songs sparked woman’s seizures
  7. speber

    I'm changing my tune(s)!.....

    Here's a new development in the hunt for the connection between music and the epileptic brain. I have claimed to be able to help myself with music. I have been able to help myself by 'playing' and by 'listening' to certain tracks so far. The new development is this: I have had some issues of...
  8. speber

    Music\auditory stimulus and the Epileptic brain

    Who\what does it for you? I'm really curious to know what you guys listen to if you want to feel better? Sure, there's favorite songs\artists, but what is it about their music that makes you feel better?...melody?...tempo?...lyrics?...bass notes?:lol: I've been searching mega-leads on research...
  9. speber

    Can specific sounds make you FEEL better?

    I have been able to dissuade many seizures by: 1)playing my guitar 2)listening to specific favorite tunes 3)THINKING about playing guitar or listening to specific favorite tunes. After a 3 GTC-in-a-row near status epilepticus stretch that REALLY scared my wife Renee (this was let in due to an...
  10. Bernard

    Mozart / Classical Music

    Music Therapy Common knowledge? I think I've seen one discussion amongst the various epilepsy forums on the topic in the last year or two that I've been hanging around. Does anyone know of any other studies on the effect of Mozart / classical music on epilepsy?

    singing crystal bowls

    I went to a class on singing crystal bowls, I was in bad shape the evening I went my absences szs were not letting up. After listening for 15 mins max and than getting a chance to play myself,my szs stopped. This was so bizarre,but the teacher was not at all surprised. Five days before I went...
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