1. Matthew74

    Keppra and concentration

    I've been off Keppra for a month or two. I was only on 375mgs a day. My clarinet playing has improved markedly. Over the fall, when I had better seizure control than now because of the Ketogenic diet, I was a disaster. I couldn't focus, got distracted, and had no musical imagination...
  2. MMRocks

    Music Triggers

    I am interested in compiling a database of sound triggers, starting with music. Are there specific songs that trigger a seizure for you? Are there specific genres of music that trigger? (ska, reggae, rap) Are there specific instruments that trigger? (flute, banjo, etc) I want to put all these...
  3. skyfire322

    [News] Turning seizures into music

    I couldn't get access to post this in the music page, but I just found this podcast of Science Friday.
  4. Matthew74

    Music: It's getting worse.

    I love music. I didn't really pay too much attention to it until I started playing in middle school, and then I got to know it more through live music than recorded music. In college I used to just sit and play notes on the baby grand pianos to listen to the sound. I love the way playing in...
  5. Matthew74

    keppra, lack of attention, imperfectionism

    I believe that when I started taking Keppra a number years ago that I lost some mental focus, and stopped caring about doing certain things correctly. When I was on Tegretol alone I had great mental focus, intense concentration, attention to detail, and was a perfectionist to a fault. I seem...
  6. A

    Where are you from, interests?

    We've seen a lot of posts from a lot of people new here and not so new. Where does everyone come from and what interests you such as music, books, favorite hobbies, etc? I'm from Oregon, born and raised. Spent a year in Colorado and had fun, got to work as an usher for rock concerts and even...
  7. Lost Control Again

    what music do you love

    what music are you into and love? i love finding out what music other people are into :) i love listening to Nick Drake, Elliott Smith, Pink Floyd, REM, Joy Division and loads more. so what do you love listening to :)
  8. H

    This Week in Blues History

    Apr 17th On this day in 1927, Katherine Baker recorded "Chicago Fire Blues". Apr 19th On this day in 1925, a band calling itself The Cotton Pickers recorded "Down And Out Blues" for Brunswick Records. Brunswick, like many other companies had done, put The Cotton Pickers together using an...
  9. Shelley

    Yer Blues

    Not just another music Genre. Any other blues trivia welcome. Any real blues performer welcome.
  10. H

    This Day in Country Music

    Birthdays:- 1905 Harty Taylor of WLS radio duo Karl & Harty born in Mt Vernon, Kentucky 1905 Paul "Hezzie" Trietsch born in Arcadia, Indiana - Hoosier Hot Shots 1913 Millie Good born Mildred Fern Goad in Mt Carmel, Illinois - Girls Of The Golden West - Millie and sister Dolly made their radio...
  11. H

    What kind of music does everyone listen to?

    My favorite is blues (1920s - to some new blues), classic r&b, female vocals (Etta James is one of my favorite female vocalists). I also like classic rock (50s, 60s, early 70s), jazz, country (not new country), western swing, bluegrass, funk, most music from New Orleans, folk, roots music No...
  12. H

    Today in Rock n Roll history

    Mon. March 30 Today in the History of Rock....... 1949 Amos Milburn hits #2 on the R&B chart with "Hold Me, Baby". 1956 "Eddie My Love" by the Chordettes hits #14. 1958 "Lollipop" by the Chordettes hits #2. 1958 Eddie Platt hits #20 with "Tequila". 1964 John Coltrane's...
  13. speber

    On the subject of 'Musicophilia'... member Renee97 has a used copy of Dr. Oliver Sack's book she would like to sell if anyone is interested. Please send her a PM for details. You can find direct links to 'Musicophelia' through my signature line for more details on Oliver Sack's work. I would have purchased her copy...
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