simple partial seizures

  1. R

    Focal to bilateral

    I’ve been looking for research or trials or anything related to the chance of focal seizures spreading to bilateral tonic clonics. I’ve had this happen twice in the past year after having around 20 years of only the focals. Since the last tonic clonic, I’ve had 7 focal seizures (all this month)...
  2. J

    help with third day of simple partial seizures

    Hello, I'm new here and I guess I signed up cause Ive never really talked to anyone else who has had E besides me before. And I always really wanted to. You can kind of explain the experience but unless you have it you wont ever know whats it like. (i just love when my mom tells that I to just...
  3. E

    New to this

    Hi everyone, I am 61 years old, pretty active with a rather stressful job. After a few strange events a month ago ( getting amazingly sleepy driving to work, confused, couldn't find words, almost passed out and lost some mobility) i was thoroughly tested and was diagnosed with complex...
  4. N

    New and confused.

    I'm new to this epilepsy stuff, and my doctors can't even agree if that's what I even have. I was wondering first of all, does anyone else vomit after a simple partial seizure, and do any other men have them happen once a month?
  5. F

    Simple Partial Seizures

    My husband was diagnosed with epilepsy about 5 years ago. It started out with him having grand mal seizures in his sleep. He only had a few and seemed fine once he started taking seizure medication (Tegretol). Things have been going good until recently he has been having what we believe are...
  6. T

    Trying keto (modified Atkins diet)

    I had a grand mal seizure about a month ago. It was some combination of alcohol withdrawal, stress, dehydration and sleep deprivation. Alcohol is my most serious trigger. I had several drinks last thursday and I ended up having an autonomic simple partial seizure the next day. I might be having...
  7. B

    Weight Gain! Ugggh!

    I have simple partial seizures. I started out on Lamictal and it was working great but after 11 months and increasing my dosage, I got the worst acne of my life. It was horrible and was making me depressed. My dr. put me on Keppra but after only 4 months she took me off. I was depressed, moody...
  8. L

    New member - simple partial seizures worries.

    Hi all. I was diagnosed just over a year and a half ago with simple partial seizures. I had been having them for about 2 years before mentioning my "funny turns" to the doctor. I was really shaken by being told I had epilepsy - basically because my understanding of it was so limited, and I'm...
  9. L

    Temporal epilepsy info required

    Hi everybody, I'm new here and I'm new to the whole epilepsy thing too! I was told I have abnormal activity in the left temporal lobe region last week by a psychiatrist after I had an EEG (I initially went to him as I thought I was going crazy). However, the psychiatrist appears to be IGNORING...
  10. P

    New to the forum, new to epilepsy

    Hi all I've very recently been diagnosed with simple partial seizures (deja vu). They do not bother me, happen rarely and only after weeks of sleep deprivation (think juggling wife, mother, working and post-grad study). Twice (once a month ago, and once 11 years ago) I had a deja vu and lost...
  11. Chel

    Enough of the online animations!

    Being photosensitive, there are many online ads that trigger my simple partials, or at least give me early warning signs. I got sick of one in particular, which seemed to be very prevalent, so contacted their customer service to let them know what effect their ad has on me, and what steps they...
  12. B

    Can seizures follow a pattern?

    Hello everyone! I posted a few times but I'm still new here. I'm 14 wks pregnant and think I am having simple partial seizures. I've been having them for over 4 years but thought they were anxiety related until I came across something on simple partial seizures and it all fit. I went to see a...
  13. B

    Normal EEG

    My neurologist suspects that I may be having simple partial seizures. I went for my first EEG today and it came back normal. She said she isn't ruling out seizures but she wants to wait and see before putting me on meds. I'm 10 wks pregnant so she doesn't want to do an MRI. I am happy it came...
  14. B

    Anyone from Pennsylvania?

    I am new to all of this and was just wondering how strict the driving laws are for people with seizures. So far my doctor has asked me not to drive but as far as I know hasn't turned anything in to the DMV. I go for my EEG today and I am hoping for more information. They think I am having simple...
  15. B

    New to Simple Partial Seizures

    Hello everyone! I'm new to all of this and can use some support & guidance. I'll tell you a little about myself. I'm 32 years old. I have 2 children. I have a history of anxiety that started in college. Right after my daughter was born I was walking up the steps in my house and had this...
  16. brain

    Simple Partial Seizures / Epilepsy

    SIMPLE PARTIAL SEIZURES This vote and comments section applies to those who suffers from Complex Partial Seizures. Here are some partial quotes: SIMPLE PARTIAL SEIZURES - by eMED SIMPLE PARTIAL SEIZURES - Epilepsy Foundation SIMPLE PARTIAL SEIZURES - Feel free to...
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