Why wedding dresses are white (joke) Battle between MEN -vs.- WOMEN

Mmmmmmmm, I'd

like my steak rare, served with a baked potato on the side, some chips, and a whopping salad. Don't forget my corn on the cob and my wine, too!

Oh, and don't forget some appetizers.......

Keep dreaming ladies!!!!

This old man is grilling for himself today.

awwwww, but

Buckeye, you KNOW you love us women.......after all, think of all we do for you! *chuckling*

Now go grill those brats for us!!! LOL
Hey, ladies

Why don't we grill the guys with some questions? Like how come we can mutli-task on the Fourth while all they do is stand outside wearing a chef's hat over cooking those brats? Now, go fetch us a Miller's and not a Miller's Light...while we thaw out some steaks and grill up the right way. And keep those beers comin'!
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Now THAT sounds like a plan Cinnabar! Go for it! You start!
Well, Meetz, I'm here on my third beer, making the potato salad, lemonade for the kids, talking on the phone, posting now (you know, mulit-tasking?) while the guys are just lookin' at the steaks waiting for them to thaw.
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Buckeye's not paying attention to us. He's out there with his grandchildren! Influencing the young ones already!
I bet Buckeye is out there polishing up his pumpkins after having screwed up the brats! Probably, the best therapy for him now. Poor guy. All his cute grandkids around him. Too much of a distraction! Oh, I'm sure he messed up with those brats!
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I've got

my wine, the iced tea brewing, laundry going (thanks to the kids) making fruit salad, and steaks marinating. Potato salad's made, I'm checking the posts regularly, and just generally chilling out.........sure it's raining a bit, but no matter, it's gonna go away soon....
You go girl!

Think I could go for a glass of wine. Though doc tells me to take a quarter of Lamictal and some food first. So off to the food and med! Let nothing rain, even rain, on your parade today! Cheers :cheers:
Mmmmm steak...

I'd love to go see 4th July in America sometime.

And is true that the men really cook the dinner on this one day of the year? Or is it just cos it's the "manly thing" to cook steak, especially on a barbecue?

Can't believe i just found this thread!:clap:
Mmmmm...just finished a big steak off the grill. It's the Fourth of July thing to do. Fireworks on the block tonight. I'll never get to sleep. Goes on way into the evening! And yep. Men tend to take over the grill mostly today. But they find their way into the kitchens during the year, at their own risk! Fun thread, yes?
And yes, I did play in my pumpkin patch for awhile yesterday. The vines are growing over 6 inches a day. This is the fun time when you can almost see them grow.

We grilled burgers last night while sitting and watching the rain with a couple of cold Budweisers. No, the women were NOT doing anything!!!:pfft:

Fireworks were limited last night due to a steady light rain most later part of the day.

Loopy - Old American joke for you:

Do they have the 4th of July in Britain???

Sure do, they also have the 5th of July, the 6th of July, ....:roflmao:
Just knew you were in that pumpkin patch! No rain here. Fire works late into the night.
Steaks no burgers my way.
Ahhhhh, Buckeye.....

You were awful sweet giving the women in your life a break from cooking, but what about US????????? *pouting* I see how you are.

Loopy Lou, you'll have to excuse Buckeye's lame joke, there.... You're more than welcome to come over to the US for the 4th anytime you want.......I'l bet you can even get one of your CWE friends to put you up and show you the sights, too! :banana::banana::banana:

I don't suppose you had any Bud Light, did you Buckeye? I would have lifted some of that off of you...*chuckling*
My boyfriend "maid" my son and I beer brats and salad because that is what we love on the fourth. Thank-you, thank-you.
I don't suppose you had any Bud Light, did you Buckeye? I would have lifted some of that off of you...*chuckling*

Only Budweiser!

If I can only drink a limited amount, it is going to be the good stuff, not "light" beer. Dark beers are even better.

I'd personally rather have Guinness, but since I have received the celiac diagnosis I take the light beers now, if I take anything at all.
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