Why wedding dresses are white (joke) Battle between MEN -vs.- WOMEN

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Warming up to beer

I used to drink Guiness room temp when in college. Heard that was the way. When in a London pub, I ordered the stout and was surprised it was chilled. The Brit bartender told me "No, that's not the way. You Americans got it wrong". Still, I liked it warm. Felt gutsy!
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I've always

preferred it cold. Never could stand warm beer. Gave me a buzz too fast, and that's never what I wanted. 'Sides, when I was in Germany, the bartenders always served it cold..... Still, its my absolute favorite.

I think drinking it warm does give you a fast buzz. When I was young I went for it. Those were the college days! Now, it's the medication cocktail for me. Glass of wine "very" rarely (usually an occasion) on full stomach and a quarter of Lamictal per doctor's orders.
About feet

Yep ... I always keep my feet clean, because they end up in my mouth quite often.

My oldest daughter was teaching my grandson the ages of everyone in the family, when he gets to Papa, she has taught him to say "older than dirt".
I once wondered how this bully at work managed to walk all over his staff with both feet in his mouth.
Time to resurrect the dead!

I having a BBQ tomorrow any suggestions?

BTW~The MEN will be doing all the cooking and cleaning, I'm gonna sit on my ass and
RELAX :rock:

also try grilled asparagus wrapped in proscuito and swizz cheese on a layer of tin foil on the barby
I would go outside ask them if they are having a good time , say "me to" flirt a little" wink and go sit down.
Birdy - are ya challenging me again. Sure, you wait until Speber and TTs are not able to be around as much to gang up on me. Watch out, I will be recruiting for my side.


Get me a beer Birdy Dear!
Au contraire, mon ami!

Nothing new about this battle. Been the same one for centuries! Men are just too hard-headed to accept women are better.

I prefer a Bacardi and Coke today, Bucky-boy, now chop, chop before the ice melts!

That's it Buckeye.... Good job...Keep sending that hot air around so we can move on to spring temperatures.

This is more like it! Come on ladies, Drinks on me! Bucky gets the bill.:pfft:

I have no idea whats going on but the Irish side of me said "Alcohol! WHERE???" and the Scotish side noticed some one else was picking up the tab so I'm in!
:woot::rock:I'm alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Irish so count me in. And I'll buy the drinks as long as they by the first round and we will have a real good time.Rock on!

You can all share that one little beer. My money clip is rather thin.:twocents:

Birdy - no fair recruiting with those pictures! Do you want me to post one of me?:mrt:
Question for you...

Hey, was this you? Looks like a plate of brats to me...


You can all share that one little beer. My money clip is rather thin.:twocents:

Birdy - no fair recruiting with those pictures! Do you want me to post one of me?:mrt:
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Oh Bucky! You look so much better without the hat! :pfft:
They've been boiling in "Milwaukee's Best" with slices of big, fat, white onions for two days!

These dawgs will EXPLODE as soon as you look at them!

Grille for about 5 minutes....

1)gently place bratwurst on large bun
2)cover with onions, relish, brown mustard, saurkraut(sp?)
3)cram in your mouth as much as possible
4)clean up remining fallout with fork
5)repeat step #1 until #3 is impossible
6)wait 5 minutes
7)repeat step #5 until loop cannot be re-iterated
8)let your wife clean up while you sleep(...."bro's before ho's", right Tees?)
:pfft:.....if that didn't start an iWar....I don't know WHAT will!:banana:hehehe

first i don't eat pork. secondly that offensive to women we dont enjoy cleaning up after you men.
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