Why wedding dresses are white (joke) Battle between MEN -vs.- WOMEN

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And I bet he had pieces leftover too.:roflmao:

Does it matter if its on a slope? The important thing here is that he will be cooking those two yummy kids. You can tell he's already buttered them since they have towels there to catch the grease just when it catches on fire.
OK "ladies" (using the term VERY loosly)

Yes, I did grill the other night. Mesquite marinated chicken breasts brushed with apple juice. MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

And I didn't share them with any of you. :pfft::pfft::pfft:
rancid meat?

You crack me up!
The look of disgust is CLEAR as a bell!

Now these boys should be able to tell good meat from bad since they seem to handle it so much! Oh wait... now that I think about it maybe the CAN'T tell the difference. We'll let then eat that crap, come on girls, we're going to the sushi bar to flirt with the chef! Drinks are on me!


Are you saying that their "meat" is rancid? :roflmao:
Don't cough and choke too much! :)

Buck, I love ya! :flowers: Does this get me off the hook?!
Don't cough and choke too much! :)

Buck, I love ya! :flowers: Does this get me off the hook?!

Aww - you sent me flowers? Your so nice!

Not sure how much I should trust you in this thread. You may be sneaking up on me while I smell the flowers.

Hey, guess what?

It's time for Buckeye, Speber, & TeeTees to start cooking for us ladies again! I'm sure Eric, Arvind and Mr B want to help out as well. :bigsmile:

C'mon guys, where's the food, and the cooooool drinks? We're waiting!!
God ! WIMPS !!!! TALKING ABOUT FLOWERS AND BOUQUETS!!!! where's that Male chauvinism ??? Ladies - BRING IT!!! ( and i mean beer...preferably budweiser)
(pretty sure my girlfriend isn't reading my posts..... hence the bravery.will find out soon enough anyway.)
I just slow-grilled sausage last night. Your fault you weren't there. I looked to the west and yelled that it was done, you just didn't show up Indiana girl.:pfft:

No pumpkins this year, but I did have a fresh bell pepper out of my garden at lunch filled with chili.:rock:
Now wait

just a minute. Try you WHISPERED that. I woulda heard you yelling. This Indiana girl woulda booked it on over in a heartbeat for that.

Get on over here, and cook me some dinner! :pfft::pfft: HEHE:roflmao::roflmao:
It's hot as hell here, while he's at it, he can bring me an icy cold Miller Lite in a long neck, please

We ladies are

STILLLLLLL waiting....

Gentlemen........*tapping foot*

Where's the food?

Buckeye, for Christmas (I know it's a long wait) I'm going send gift you a chef's hat and Calphalon cookware but "you" have to fly Birdie, Meetz and me up for a holiday dinner. And champagne for me, thank you.

Oh, and Speber can come along if he provides the music :rock:

And dravinder must be there if anyone gets ageda...
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Umm. Guess you didn't like my post! Not a born joker. Have to work on that!
Umm. Guess you didn't like my post! Not a born joker. Have to work on that!

Missed your note. Looks like we posted at the exact same time.

You can send the hat and cookware, but you will have to get Birdie to do the 'flying'. You three show up and I will cook for you. :woot:

YOU are paying for the airfare, right???? :bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile:
B- I'm such a Nervous Nelly..
OK. Birdies do fly! But we have to give "this" birdie a break..I mean beak! See how awful I am at jokes?!
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