1. bdhshakes

    Calling all RNS receivers

    Hey Everyone, Returning after a long break for some expert opinions :) My neurologist has been pushing for me to pursue RNS again and I wanted to know if anyone who has it could share your experience with me? How well has it worked for you? Does it hurt at all when it goes off, or do you not...
  2. Topcat

    NeuroPace RNS

    I went to a meet up (Phoenix Az.) representatives from NeuroPace talking about something called an RNS. The leads go just under the scalp. Not in the person's brain. http://neurosurgery.ucsf.edu/index.php/clinical_programs_epilepsy_neurostimulation_FAQ.html
  3. suebear

    [Research] Deep Brain Stim reduce seizures as much as 50%

    Short paragraph taken from article: Deep brain stimulation (DBS) has been called “a promising therapy for epilepsy,” as reported by the BBC. According to the article, it’s designed for the considerable number of patients suffering from medically refractory epilepsy who are not candidates for...
  4. DayDreamer

    Theres no place like home .. with Neuropace

    I am at home from hospital feeling almost normal after a surgery of around 5 hours and a stay of two nights/ three days. I now have a responsive neurostimulating device implanted within my skull with two cortical strip leads and two depth leads implanted close to my epileptic foci. Until I see...
  5. DayDreamer

    I am off to see the Wizard....

    Oh man! I see the neurosurgeon on Wednesday and hopefully make a date for implantation of the RNS Neuropace within a few weeks. I have waited for this for six years as my attempt for the clinical trial messed up. I am normally a stoic person but for the last week since this appointment was set...
  6. N

    article about RNS brain implant

    The Neuropace RNS brain implant has been approved by the FDA. You can read the NYTimes article here: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/03/25/health/easing-epilepsy-with-battery-power.html?ref=health&_r=0 The article discusses the device, and profiles someone who's had a good experience with it...
  7. epileric

    [News] Neurological Pacemaker?

    A friend just e-mailed me this link. http://www.nytimes.com/video/world/asia/100000002784817/nyt-now-malaysia-on-fate-on-flight-370.html?playlistId=1194812888716
  8. DayDreamer

    [News] Neuropace is approved by the FDA

    http://www.neuropace.com/ Today the FDA has finally approved this responsive neurostimulator.
  9. R

    Neuropace (rns) surgery candidate.. Anyone have have the procedure?

    Hi I have done over a year of testing & found out that I am not a candidate for a temporal lobectomy. Pretty bummed out... Anyways my doctor mentioned neuropace. It will be up for FDA approval in a couple weeks and he thinks I might be a good fit. I was wondering what the surgery is like...
  10. suebear

    more RNS research

    I happen to come across some RNS research which I wanted to share with the group that I found was quite interesting. Grant it surgery is difficult for anyone to endure but because this is a clinical matter to be brought into I felt it was important to share these findings as they will help...
  11. survivor

    Responsive neurostimulation

    I just read about RNS (responsive neurostimulation) and DBS (deep brain stimulation). Want to know more! How much effective these techniques are? Any body opted for these? Can we rank VNS, RNS and DBS?
  12. brain

    [News] Neuropace Implantable Epilepsy Device Showing Positive Signs - Initial Clinical Study

    Neuropace Implantable Epilepsy Device Showing Positive Signs in Initial Clinical Study
  13. H

    (Neuropace on ABC News) Pacemaker may help stop seizures

  14. Bernard

    Don't become a victim of medical marketing

    Following up on http://www.coping-with-epilepsy.com/forums/f22/pharmaceutical-profits-come-before-consumer-wellness-819/ and http://www.coping-with-epilepsy.com/forums/f23/doctors-not-immune-sales-pitches-716/ comes the natural extension from CNN... Don't become a victim of medical marketing
  15. T

    VNS vs. neuropace

    i just spent a week in the hospital hooked up to an eeg machine. after that we are now looking at the VNS. we had originally thought about neuropace. but my seizures spread to fast and with what i have been through so far it is extremely hard to find the orgin. if anyone knows anything about...
  16. Bernard

    Ten must-ask questions about joining a clinical trial

    The ten questions (read the article for more details about the questions):What is the end point of the trial?Who is running the trial, and what are their credentials?What are the risks and possible side effects of the experimental therapy?How long will I be participating, and can I stop if I...
  17. V

    Neuro Pace and guinea pig

    I spoke w/ my neurosurgeon's coordinator for the Neuro Pace and I found out some disturbing information. First off, she told me that I was a good candidate to have the Neuro Pace surgery. I thought this was great until she told me that the Neuro Pace has a battery that needs to be replaced every...
  18. Bernard

    Pulsing Light Silences Overactive Neurons

    Pulsing Light Silences Overactive Neurons
  19. Bernard

    Responsive Neurostimulator (RNS) system

    Here is yet another clinical trial for an implantable device. This one is from NeuroPace, Inc.:
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